GODFREY - Imagine playing the Illinois Lotto for seven years straight with a group of 18 to 19 partners and then one day the lucky number series strikes gold. That is exactly what happened to a Godfrey woman and her group of nurses and medical friends.

On December 14, 2020, at the Godfrey BP, the group's winning ticket captured them a prize of $2 million before taxes. For seven years, the nurses played the same set of numbers that the owner of the BP store said was chosen by a woman named Sally.

The Godfrey BP Owner Sammy Desai thinks he brought some luck with him from his store in Georgia. He said he purchased the store on November 14, 2019, so there must be something about the 14th date of the month that went into his good luck offering.

Godfrey Mayor Mike McCormick said he was extremely excited for the group who won and that the ticket had been sold at the Godfrey BP.

“I feel so good that a store in Godfrey, Illinois, could sell the $2 million ticket,” he said. “That is not a small amount. It made me feel my store is lucky. I was so excited when the woman came in here and told she and her group were winners. I had several big ticket winners at my store in Georgia, so it has now continued here. The representative for the group continues now to play again and hopes for more good luck for her and her friends.”

Desai says the woman who purchases the tickets does so like clockwork, many times on Friday. He said she has been extremely dedicated to the cause over the past seven years. He said he was very thankful that someone and the group that was so dedicated actually were the big winners.

Desai encourages others to come in and play the Illinois Lotto and lottery at what he describes his “lucky” store at 1918 W. Delmar Ave. in Godfrey.

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