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ALTON - Sophomore Paris Thomas has been selected as Art Fahrner-Edward Jones Alton High School Remarkable Redbird of the Month.

Paris was nominated by the Alton High Guidance Department for the Remarkable Redbird honor. Paris is extremely talented and knowledgeable about computer technology. As a freshman in the 2019-2020 school year, Paris enrolled in an e-commerce class where he also developed websites and received a grade of A+. When he became aware that the Guidance Office needed technical help in revamping the Guidance website, Paris graciously offered his assistance and was also highly recommended by his teacher, who saw the impact that Paris could have on this project for Alton High.

Paris understood the vision, making it very user-friendly and accessible in the hope that students will visit the site often. He quickly went to work on this project and worked before school and even came in on his lunch hour a few times, to add a few touch-ups.

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The Guidance Department was able to roll out the new Guidance Website for students and families. Paris has even offered to continue assisting throughout the year by making changes and additions as needed. Parents and students can visit the site that will give PowerPoint presentations of things to be aware of for incoming freshmen. The site also shares information for all grades on courses needed for graduation and scholarships that may be available for all students at Alton High. There is also information provided to prepare for registration for the upcoming school year as well. Following is the link to the Guidance Department (the site can also be viewed under the Guidance link from the Alton High main webpage).

Paris is also an active member of Upward Bound and the Student Council. He was a member of the Junior National Honor Society in Middle School. He is enrolled in honors classes is on the high honor roll. Paris sees himself studying Biochemical or Mechanical Engineering and attending Howard University, University of Houston, University of Illinois, or University of Miami (Fla.) to further his knowledge and education.

The Guidance Department wanted to express their appreciation to Paris for offering his time and talents to make the project successful. Not only has he made a positive impact on the Guidance Department, but also his fellow students and families by making this website easier for them to access educational information as needed.

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