Alton Little Theater invites audiences to meet the Pazinski Family in OVER THE TAVERN by Tom Dudzick, March 19th through the 28th at the ALT Showplace in Alton, Illinois. Dudzick who is often called, " The Catholic's Answer to Neil Simon" wrote a semi-autobiographical trilogy of plays about growing up in a cramped apartment in Buffalo, New York, with his DysFUNtional family members.

In OVER THE TAVERN it is 1959 and there is a lot going on in a household with four teenagers discovering S-E-X and questioning family values and The Roman Catholic Church. When 13-year old Rudy comes up against ruler-wielding, much-feared, Sister Clarissa - well, all hell breaks loose with a liberal dose of laughter and tears. While the youngest of the Pazinski Clan just want to fly like the "new" superhero- "Superman", Rudy decides that he'd like to shop around for " a more fun religion", all the while older siblings are seeing just how much "sin" they can get away with! Audience members will empathize with the struggles of Ellen and Chet Pazinski as they try to find the "right" parenting style and keep their marriage and business together.

The ensemble cast features Jeff Heil, Valerie Sprague, Jamie Heil, Casey Turner, Brennan Haug, Braedon Favilla - and Diana Enloe having some fun as the "mean" Sister Clarissa. Audience members will surely enjoy a trip down memory lane with Ed Sullivan, background music circa 1959 , AND recalling the challenges we all endure to just grow up sane.

OVER THE TAVERN is a touching comedy/drama, suitable for audiences twelve and over. The sequel to TAVERN will be presented in March 2011. Please call 618-462-6562 for Ticket information and reservations. And visit ALT's website at ; Tickets are $14 for adults and just $6 for students through college with ID. Advance Season Tickets for the 2010-2011, 77th Season will also go on sale during the run of OVER THE TAVERN at 40% savings with (7) tickets for just $70 ( and just $60 if purchased by May 31st).

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