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SCHAUMBURG - A candidate for US Senate has authored legislation to prohibit the domestic manufacture of firearms.

“It will take decades to bring the supply of arms into accord with something resembling a well-regulated militia,” maintains W. Thomas Olson, a candidate for one of Illinois’ consular offices of the US senate. “In the meantime, take the snake by its head.”

Olson is certain legislation will be part of a solution.

In 1994, as part of an omnibus crime law, the lawful manufacture and licit transfer of automatic firearms were suspended for 10 years. Euphemized as a ban on the manufacture and sales of assault weapons, the law was often circumvented and, according to the Violence Policy Center, manufacturers in Illinois were particularly adept at skirting it.

Manufacturers of guns in Illinois tend toward a relative sophistication, with more than half the state’s manufactured guns classified as miscellaneous firearms, which include such lovelies as machine guns, grenade launchers, and other instruments of carnage.”

In the first week of July this year, hundreds of persons in the United States were wounded by guns, many of whom died. The number of killings has spoiled public discourse adhering the issue, the candidate maintains.

“The mayor of Chicago has obfuscated the gravity of the matter with recourse to dim statistics.” Olson adds, “One might repeat a familiar refrain and follow the science, or one might dispense with bullshit and write a law to reduce homicides.”

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Between 2013 and 2019, the US government estimated an average 9.7 million firearms were manufactured domestically. Manufacturers in Illinois account for approximately 8,000 each year.

“For not a few consecutive years, some ten million guns have been manufactured and sold in America,” Olson holds. “The math of slaughter is a willfully negligent calculus.”

The candidate believes interdicting legislation will comprise a fraction of a larger enterprise.

“Places of governance must be developed so that elected officials might begin to appreciate the severity of the matter,” and adds, “Until officials assemble in places they’re likely to hear or see gunfire, they’ll continue to fecklessly posture under the guise of democratic will.”

Olson suggests the state’s legislature assemble thrice per year “in a part of Chicago befitting republican governance,” and that Chicago’s city hall should be rebuilt elsewhere, “to propitiate a more peaceful commonwealth.”

To grasp the scope of the problem, Olson cites the US Bureau of Firearms and Explosives, which tallied over 3 million pistols and almost a million ‘miscellaneous firearms’ produced domestically in 2019.

“It’s a slothful government which fawns upon itself, yet a miscellaneous firearm conceals a likelihood more akin to an automatic rifle, and a government which conceals is a despotic one.”

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