ST. LOUIS - The 22nd Judicial Circuit Court in St. Louis today issued information Wednesday afternoon about an incident at the Juvenile Detention Center on Tuesday night.

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Jacob Long Chief Communications Officer 22nd Judicial Circuit Court said: "Last night at approximately 7:15, two juveniles are believed to have escaped from the 22nd Judicial Circuit Court's Juvenile Detention Center on Enright Avenue. Staff worked with local law enforcement to search the outside of the facility extensively, but were unable to locate the two youth.

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"One juvenile is 17 years old and was being held on murder in the first degree. The other is also 15 years old and was being held on two counts of tampering in the first degree, three counts of resisting/interfering with an arrest, detention or stop, one count of tampering with electronic monitoring equipment, and violations of terms of release.

"No injuries were reported and the facility was placed on lock down. Police continue to assist the Court in investigating the incident as the search for the two juveniles remains ongoing."

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