An Edwardsville Police officer and suspect were both taken to a local hospital after a shooting on Wednesday morning.

The Edwardsville Police officer and a Madison County Sheriff’s deputy, both members of the Cyber Crimes Division, were involved in the shooting with a suspect in the 300 block of Filmore in Edwardsville.


“At 7:30 approximately this morning, officers from the Madison County Sheriff’s Department, the Edwardsville Police Department and several other agencies were in the 300 block of Filmore to serve a search warrant to seize a computer from a residence,” Illinois State Capt. Jim Morrisey said. “Officers made contact with an occupant of the house. They identified themselves and actually shook hands with the occupant and announced they were there to issue a search warrant and they noticed the subject had a handgun.”

Morrisey said then the officers struggled with the subject over the handgun.

“We know a Madison County Sheriff’s deputy discharged his weapon,” he said. “We are not sure if subject fired a shot or not. We haven’t been inside the house to process it. An Edwardsville Police officer was shot in the hand and the subject that displayed the handgun was shot in the jaw area or face.  The officer and the subject were conscious at the scene and both walked to an ambulance and were transported to a local hospital. I think then they have been transported across the river for treatment.  Both were conscious and alert at the hospital.”

Edwardsville's Charles Ellis has a relative on the street and a high school classmate went with him to check on both and they were both OK.

“We have a beautiful community and law enforcement is great, but when you cross that line, they have to do their job,” he said.

Jonathan Graham lives at the end of Filmore in Edwardsville, near the house where the incident occurred. He said Filmore has always been a quiet neighborhood until this morning.

“I learned of it at 8:15 this morning when a police officer knocked on my door and asked if I knew anything or had seen anything,” he said. “I said I didn’t know or see anything. I know there is a family that lives there with kids.”

The Illinois State Police is asked to investigate the officer involved shooting portion and the Edwardsville Police Department is handling the initial search warrant over the computer, Morrisey said.

Once the state police’s investigation is completed, it will be delivered to the Madison County State’s Attorney’s office where they will review and determine whether or not the officer’s actions were justified in the use of a deadly force,” Morrisey said.

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