WASHINGTON, D.C. - Joe Cunningham, the National Director of centrist political organization No Labels and a former U.S Congressman, recently announced the movement continues to gain traction as they have now secured a spot on the ballot in 13 states and counting for the 2024 presidential election.

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Joe CunninghamNo Labels, an organization dedicated to offering voters a third option this election, is currently forming a “Unity Ticket” for 2024. The organization is prepared to possibly offer their ballot line to a presidential ticket “under the proper environmental conditions,” according to their website. Cunningham recently appeared on Our Daily Show! on Riverbender.com after returning from Maine, the 13th state in which No Labels is on the ballot.

“I think it's further along at this point in the election than any other third party or third line item has ever been,” Cunningham said of the movement. “We're hitting the new year running, we’ve got a lot of excitement behind us and look to just kind of capitalize that and build on it.”

Cunningham said No Labels is staying “laser-focused and level-headed” as it aims to secure ballot lines in the remaining states and offer voters a viable third choice - thought exactly who that third choice is has yet to be determined, as Cunningham said they’d like to see how the playing field levels out closer to “Super Tuesday” on March 5, 2024, when most states hold their primary elections.

“Our role, we see it as laying this groundwork, laying this foundation, and then handing this off to a ticket which we think could win,” he said. “We were going to wait until after Super Tuesday, sometime in late March [to] make sure the field is set in such a way that there's an opening and that America still wants another choice - and if they still want another option, no one else is stepping up to provide them with that with the exception of No Labels.”

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He added that while social media tends to amplify voices that cater to the extremes of both sides of the aisle, the “vast majority of Americans” are looking for the type of third choice No Labels is working to make possible.

“When you look at the numbers here on this, it gives you a measure of comfort knowing that the vast majority of Americans are always standing with you,” Cunningham said. “Oftentimes, they may not be the loudest on Twitter or on social media or mainstream news, but the truth is by and large - and the polls indicate this - the majority of Americans are with us in this effort.”

While the organization has caught some “flak” from partisan organizations on the left and right, Cunningham said they remain focused on their mission.

“You can tell how effective we've been by some of the flak that we've got from the established groups or partisans or political parties,” he said. “As they say here, a hit dog hollers, and so it shows you that we're making a difference.

“A lot of people don't like us disrupting the duopoly, but we don't work for them. We've always felt ourselves a reflection of the common sense majority.”

To learn more about No Labels, visit their website at nolabels.org, or see the full interview with Cunningham at the top of this story or on Riverbender.com/video.

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