New Visit Godfrey LogoGODFREY- Godfrey’s new tourism website,, is now up and running - and much like the village itself, it’s ready for visitors. Developed by, the site showcases several attractions, events, and more around the village to help spread awareness of the great things going on in Godfrey for visitors and residents alike.

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The Visit Godfrey homepage greets visitors with sweeping drone footage (and on-ground footage) of scenery and life around the village. Tabs for events, things to do, restaurants, or to plan your visit, as well as a search bar, line the upper right. Scrolling down reveals a list of upcoming events, a summary of the village, and tabs to learn more about attractions, restaurants, shopping, and other things to do around Godfrey.

“I think it’s great,” Economic Development Director Jim Mager said of the new website. “I think it’s an exciting site - I like when you open it up, you see all that [videography]. I think it builds some excitement, and just about any attraction that we might have here in town is on the site.” Owner John Hentrich said the many positive aspects of living in and visiting Godfrey are made possible by the hard work of village leaders and staff.

"After working with the village through various events and projects, it is evident there is great leadership and great staff working hard to make sure Godfrey is a great place to visit and a great place to live and raise a family,” Hentrich said.

"If you are not taking advantage of everything Godfrey has to offer, you are missing out! I'm so glad this new website can showcase some of those very special assets."

Mager said the village chose because of the “trust” and “faith” they’ve built over their years of working together.

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“We have a relationship with John, and he’s done a lot of good work for us in the past,” Mager said. “It was trust, faith, the relationship, and Riverbender does a good job for us.”

Mager said Godfrey needed a better way to promote the village’s Business District, restaurants, greenspace, and much more than its municipal website (also designed and hosted by could offer. The new Visit Godfrey website is a separate site specifically dedicated to tourism that does not replace the municipal website or its functions.

“If I’m wanting to come visit Godfrey, or if I’m a resident, it doesn’t have anything to build excitement - to let people know about the quality of life, the attractions, and all the things the village has,” Mager said of the municipal website. “We have a lot of nice attributes.

“The municipal site, it’s a yawner. It’s good if you’re on there just looking for information, but you aren’t going to leave that site and say, ‘By golly, I really need to go to Godfrey!’”

Mager said the new site does leave that impression, and helps spread awareness of all the great things in Godfrey, which was always his intention.

“My goal was really to create an awareness of the positive attributes that we have in the village,” Mager said. “I’m not sure people really understand all the good stuff that we have, and if we don't tell people, they’re just not going to know. I want people to go onto that site and say, ‘Wow! Yeah, maybe I need to make a trip to Godfrey.’

“Sometimes I think people see it as just a quiet, little place - it’s a great place to live, and that’s good, that’s one of the things I like about it, but we have a great parks system … Bakers & Hale every weekend, they’ve got some music, Roper’s [Reagle Beagle] has a good band in there - there’s things to do, but we need to tell people about all of that.”

To learn more about everything the village of Godfrey has to offer, check out the new “Visit Godfrey” website at

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