ALTON - The Alton City Council has approved a resolution to sell what Alton Mayor Brant Walker describes as a 7-acre plot of land in front of the Alton Multi-Modal Transportation Center to a “nationally branded” hotel and restaurant.

Mayor Walker said today he couldn’t yet announce the buyer, but said he was very excited about the purchase and move into the future.

“It will be over where the Transportation Center is in Alton,” he said. “It will be an 84-room, $9-$10 million hotel. I can’t say the name yet of the hotel and restaurant but they are both nationally branded.”

Walker said this is a perfect spot for development and goes hand-in-hand with the park upgrades, the minor league baseball team coming to Alton, infrastructure improvements, new movie theater, and more.

“There has been a significant amount of investment into Alton the past eight years,” he said of his term as mayor. “I am really proud of my team and administration. These substantial things don’t happen by accident. The hotel will be a three-story hotel. The restaurant is also very well known. This is a big pickup for us.”

Mayor Walker said another nationally known business is looking at the property in front of the old Shop 'n Save. By summer he hopes an announcement can be made about that acquisition.

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