Bethalto, IL – March 15, 2011. Post-Production on the short independent film Harvest is winding down as its producers eye the upcoming film festival season. Narrow Beam Films and All Night Pictures have been busy setting and finalizing completion and release dates for the project over the past few months. Harvest, which is a psychological thriller set in Wisconsin is about a young girl named Jessica who is visiting her grandparents’ farmhouse with her father and younger brother. Their father tells them a story about creatures that live in the cornfield behind the house, but Jessica doesn't want to believe it's true. When her brother sets out to find them, Jessica must confront her fears to keep them both safe from the real dangers lurking within.


Sam Shapson, the films director, had this to say about the current status of the film, “With picture locked and a talented and devoted post production team hard at work on the finishing touches, my involvement at this point its just a lot of "Cool! Wow! I didn't think of that!"  I definitely don't feel like the process is over, and until the sound design and musical score are added I won't feel like I have really seen "the movie" itself, but the characters are real, the cinematography is captivating and the story is finally locked.”


Picture lock was scheduled for March 1, with color, sound, and visual effects to be completed by April 1. Brent Madison, one of the films producers added, “The musical composition will be coming together later than we’d like, but flexibility of festival submissions still allows our film to set up a great run this fall.” Victoria Patterson, also a producer, added her thoughts about the current cut, “Every filmmaker hopes their film turns out well, but on rare occasion does it turn out better than expected. For me, Harvest is that exception.” Private test screenings of the film have led the filmmakers to believe the film has great prospects, instilling confidence and credibility to the product the team from the Midwest is creating.


Tim Gadient has been at the helm editing the pic along with visual effects supervisor Alex Jones and colorist Benton Africano. Kevon Cronin is set to compose the film in Los Angeles with a full orchestra later this summer when the final picture lock is set.  The Final completion Date of the film is set for July 31, 2011. Shortly after it’s completion the film will make stops in Milwaukee, Chicago, and St. Louis before starting its main festival tour. The team has released a basic list of festivals via the films website Additional update information, downloads and social networking links are also available at the same location.

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