What is the Mineral Springs Paranormal Research Center?

Mineral Springs Paranormal Research Center opened in January 2010 under the auspices of GMJ Haunted Tours, Inc.

Mineral Springs Paranormal Research Center was created for the express purpose of sharing paranormal findings, evaluation and documenting evidence, and conducting a scientific investigation in the ongoing search for proof of intelligent energy in the spiritual realm.

The Center hosts events with Paranormal Groups at which their evidence is shown in addition to a demonstration of “ghost hunting” equipment, its use, cost, and hands-on use in a live investigation in the Mineral Springs Hotel.

Events that have hosted include a “Meet and Greet” with a paranormal group including:

  1. “Ghost-Hunting” Talk.
  2. Sharing of evidence (Pictures, EVP, videos.)
  3. A “How-To” discussion about conducting a scientific investigation.
  4. Demonstration of how to use ghost hunting equipment; hands-on trying out of equipment.
  5. Organized Ghost Hunt at Mineral Springs Hotel with investigators taking small groups into “hot spots” in the building and pool.  Groups then switched investigators to observe different expertise.
  6. Review of findings, sharing and evaluating evidence from the hunt.

This is an excellent source for networking/meeting fellow ghost enthusiasts.

“Ghost Hunt With The Pros!”

For more information, please call 618-465-3200 or email Janet at mineralspringshauntedtours@yahoo.com

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