ALTON - Lifestyle/creativity coach and self-described “mind mechanic” Michael Gebben recently appeared on an episode of Our Daily Show! on to discuss the results of a recent brain scan and the possible ways ADHD can impact one’s approach to their career.

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In 2010 and 2011, Gebben had been very successful in the video production industry - he was featured in magazines, traveled, and earned over six figures in video production business two years out of high school at 20 years old. But when COVID hit in March of 2020, he had to rethink his business strategy and transitioned into coaching full-time, which led to a bit of self-discovery.

“I noticed there were certain things that were happening with me that were interesting, and some stuff came up about ADHD,” Gebben said. “I’ve had people say with my energy, some things about ADHD here and there … some stuff started to come up and I dug into it really hardcore, and a lot of my life really made a lot of sense.”

The results of a recent brain scan revealed that even in a “relaxed” state, Gebben’s brain is much more active than a typical human brain - unless he’s doing something he doesn’t want to do, in which case it appears much less active.

In this brain scan, Gebben's brain (right) appears much more active than the typical brain (left) in a

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Gebben said that trying to get someone with ADHD to do something they don’t want to do just by “trying harder” is like trying to get a Toyota Yaris to drive like a racecar.

“There are people who sometimes tell people to ‘try harder, do harder,’ but it’s like telling a person with a Toyota Yaris to drive faster on a Formula 1 racetrack - they can’t do it,” Gebben said. “For me, it wasn’t an intellect problem, it wasn’t a lack of knowledge or experience or competence, but there were certain things that no matter what, I just wasn’t getting myself to do.”

Gebben went on to say that there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to treating ADHD, as there are multiple different types of brains that might react totally differently to the same treatment. He underscored the importance of taking a more “holistic” approach to include things like diet, exercise, and awareness, rather than just the “automatic” process of being prescribed medication.

“There’s so much that I actively work on myself and my clients to raise your consciousness, raise your awareness,” Gebben said. “Our brain gets hard-wired, and so people who have habitually thought certain thoughts, when they’re in their 30s, 40s, 50s, it gets really hard to break those cycles.”

He closed by saying that confidence and believing in yourself are key to shifting your mindset and career.

“When you can combine the talent with the mindset, it’s game over,” he said. “It is that shift - when people can make that shift, it changes the game.”

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