Dear Editor:

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Madison County Sheriff Bob Hertz and his staff for their never ending cooperation relating to the SWAP program.  I have worked with Sheriff Hertz since I was first elected Alderman in 1997.  Since that time, my constituents as an Alderman, Madison County Board Member, and Mayor have been the beneficiaries of the SWAP program in a variety of ways.  The SWAP Program has been used in Alton for trash removal, tree trimming, mowing grass, cutting unwanted vegetation, and waxing floors, among other activities.

Sheriff Hertz has always been a dependable partner for projects around Alton.  A recent example of the SWAP Program at work can be found in Rock Springs Park.  In years past, the “Grandpa Gang” spent countless hours in the Park decorating it for the Christmas Wonderland.  A unique set of circumstances, including a time constraint, arose this past week and they came to me seeking a solution.  Many of these volunteers are older and cannot do the lifting they once did in their younger years.  I called Sheriff Hertz and explained the problem and within a matter of hours we had a commitment from him to help us keep on schedule.  Over 2.5 million lights were put up and all the displays erected.  Christmas Wonderland has historically attracted over 30,000 visitors per season from all over the area.  This project could not have been accomplished without the work of Sheriff Hertz.

I hope the residents of Alton appreciate the efforts of Sheriff Hertz and the Madison County Sheriff’s Department for all that they do for our community.  I know that I certainly am grateful for all commitment to Alton.


Tom Hoechst, Mayor

City of Alton

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