GRAFTON - One of Grafton Mayor Mike Morrow's key goals, as he entered his position, was to resolve the matter of some concerns regarding the long-term lease with DeSherlia Marina, a vital cog in Grafton's economy. The Grafton City Council this week worked through issues with Joe and Jan DeSherlia, owners of DeSherlia Marina.

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Mayor Morrow said the vote was 6-0 by the Grafton City Council to approve the long-term lease arrangement.

"I want to thank Mr. Will Miller, the city attorney, the aldermen, Gary Meadows of Helper Broom, and Joe and Jan DeSherlia for coming together and getting this important business for the city finished."

Mayor Morrow said this dilemma has been an almost three-year odyssey, often a struggle back and forth, but he feels this will only be a positive development for Grafton.

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"DeSherlia Marina agreed to bring in new gas tanks, one of the issues, and also from this point ahead pay a fee of transient and permanent rental slips at the marina," he explained. "The lease is for 98 years."

Mayor Morrow spoke with Joe DeSherlia right after the approval of the lease agreement late at night after it happened, and the mayor said he was surprised because of the long struggle but very positive in his reaction.

The mayor said the new fuel tanks will have the latest safety features, which was important to both sides. He made a point to emphasize how important the fuel tanks are for the marina for boaters and the overall Grafton economy.

Mayor believes this will now position the city for economic success in the future.

Mayor Morrow said almost as soon as the lease was approved and the issue was resolved, several very positive things happened for Grafton.

"The good things that happened yesterday after the vote to approve the Marina lease: 1. a donation of $3,000 towards our city Christmas lights. 2. A donation of $5,000 towards our park playground and police department. 3. A donation from one of our large businesses to provide hot meals to all in need for Thanksgiving and Christmas and to keep our food pantry stocked with whatever we need, just send them a weekly list and they will add it to their own. (This was the Loading Dock.) 4. A developer offered to pay for all the trucking and rock for a project in the 3rd ward."