(March 24, 2010) -Recently, the Pepsi Refresh Project started taking grant applications on a variety of projects throughout the country.  These projects are divided by topics and by the amount requested.

There are 3 projects in the Alton area under consideration for the Pepsi Refresh Project, the Riverbender.com youth center, improvements to the tennis courts at Rock Springs Park, and building a viewing pavilion at Alton High School and installing solar LED lights on the courts at Alton High School.  The Riverbender.com project is a grant request of $250,000 and the other 2 projects are each grant requests for $50,000.  This creates a total of $350.000 in grant funds that could come to the Alton area through the Pepsi Refresh Project.

In order to secure these grant funds, interested residents are asked to vote for each project.  Votes can be cast by going to www.riverbender.com/vote and clicking on each project.  You can vote once per day for each project from every email address that you have.  The Riverbender.com project must finish in the top 2 in order to be eligible for funding in its category.  The Rocks Springs project and the Alton High project must finish in the top 10 in order to be eligible for funding in their category.  As of this writing, the Riverbender.com project was in 7th place in its category.  The Rock Springs project and Alton High project were in 7th and 8th place respectfully in their category.  Voting ends March 31st.

In conclusion, I encourage everyone in Alton and the surrounding communities to vote on these 3 important grant applications.  These projects are competing against many worthwhile projects throughout the country and without your support the funding for these local projects will not be secured. 

Thank you,

Tom Hoechst

Mayor of Alton

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