Elena Rybak of the Griffins The Explorers' Sammy Hentrich, winner of both the conference long jump and triple jump.ALTON - Marquette Catholic's Sammy Hentrich won both the long jump and triple jump and Father McGivney's Elena Rybak the 400 and 1,600 meters to highlight the girls' meet, while the boys team of Maryville Christian nipped Metro-East Lutheran in the Gateway Metro Conference track and field championships, held Wednesday at Public School Stadium in Alton.

The Lions won the boys' meet with 126 points, with the Knights placing second at 118 points, Centralia Christ Our Rock Lutheran was third with 69 points, the Explorers were fourth at 65 points, Father McGivney Catholic was fifth with 46 points and Bunker Hill came in sixth at 17 points.

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The Marquette girls won their championship with 164 points, while the Griffins came in second at 156 points, the Silver Stallions were third with 58 points, in fourth place was Metro-East with 29 points, fifth place went to the Minutemaids with 20 points and Maryville came in sixth at 13 points.

In the boys' results, Kai King of Maryville won the 100 meters at 11.50 seconds, with Griffin Kohlmiller of the Knights second at 11.56 seconds, Jacob Huber of the Griffins was third at 11.57 seconds, fourth place went to Justin Burnett of the Knights at 12,22 seconds, Marquette's Braden Nash was in at 12.63 seconds. and Bunker Hill's Jesse Baker had a time of 12.83 seconds. King also took the 200 meters with a time of 23.49 seconds, with Charles Fedder of the Knights second at 24.17 seconds, Jaden Rochester of the Explorers was third at 24.62 seconds, Nash was in at 25.33 seconds and Baker had a time of 26.66 seconds.

In the 400 meters, Jared Udy of the Lions was the winner at 53.62 seconds, while Marquette's Justin Fears was second at 54.41 seconds and Carter Pryor of the Knights was fifth with a time of 56.23 seconds. Maryville's James Gilihan won the 800 meters at 2:09.65, with Tyler Ahring of the Griffins second at 2:12.26, the Lions' Noah Jacob was third at 2:12.73, fourth place went to the Knights' Adam Brokemeier at 2:14.23 and in fifth place was Daniel Kline of Marquette at 2:14.41.

Elijah Gregory of COR won the 1,600 meters at 4:49.74, with Max Weber of the Knights second at 4:50.70, third place went to McGivney's Liam Schmidt at 4:59.55, in fourth place was Jacob at 5:05.54 and Liam Boeving of the Griffins was fifth at 5:11.16. Weber won the 3,200 meters at 10:22.63, with Gregory second at 10:41.71, Connor Schmidt of the Griffins was third at 11:03.3`, Zerek Koch of the Silver Stallions was fourth at 11:20.12 and Evan Rybak of McGivney was fifth at 11:29.48.

In the hurdles races, Maryville's Cade King won the 110 meters at 18.35 seconds, with COR's Alijah Morris second at 19.89 seconds. King also won the 300 meters with a time of 44.02 seconds, with Morris in second at 48.09 seconds.

In the relay races, the 4x100 meters was won by Metro-East at 45.43 seconds, with Maryville second at 46.12 seconds and McGivney came in third at 49.66 seconds. In the 4x200 meters, the winners were the Knights at 1:37.24, with the Explorers second at 1:40.04, the Griffins came in third at 1:47.96 and the Lions were fourth at 1:53.46. Maryville won the 4x400 meters with a time of 3:46.01, with Metro-East second at 3:49.14, McGivney was third at 3:54.87 and COR was fourth at 4:23.21. In the 4x800 meters, the Knights won with a time of 9:17.56, with the Griffins second at 9:28.90.

In the field events, Marquette's Jack Beaber won the shot put with a throw of 12.38 meters, with Maryville's Josh Coulby second at 11.88 meters, Ricardo Holton of Metro-East was third at 11.13 meters, fourth place went to the Minutemen's Christopher Chapman at 10.61 meters and in fifth place was Andrew Maske of the Knights, with a toss of 9.95 meters. Mason Meyer of the Explorers had a throw of 7.70 meters. In the discus throw, Bunker Hill's Grant Burch won with a toss of 40.66 meters, with Beaber second at 36,48 meters, Coulby was third at 33.01 meters, Holton came in fourth at 31.85 meters and Chapman was fifth at 30.82 meters, while Meyer came up with a distance of 19.87 meters.

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In the high jump, both Cade and Kai King tied for first, both clearing 1.73 meters, with Cade awarded the win on the fewest misses rule. In the long jump, Kohlmiller won with a leap of 6.36 meters, with Huber in second at 6.33 meters, the Silver Stallions' Isaiah Lyons was third at 5.27 meters, Morris was fourth at 5.19 meters and Bryce Stewart of the Knights was fifth at 5.18 meters, with Jacob having a jump of 5.05 meters. The triple jump was won by Stewart, who went 9.98 meters to win.

In the girls' meet, the 100 meters was won by Lilly Gilbertson of McGivney with a time of 12.94 seconds, with Karly Davenport of Marquette second at 13.34 seconds, Mia Range of the Griffins was third at 13.35 seconds, in fourth place was the Explorers' Caroline Cain at 13.79 seconds and fifth place went to Zoey Watkins of Bunker Hill at 13.97 seconds, while Claire Sherfy of Metro-East had a time of 14.03 seconds. In the 200 meters, the winner was Gilbertson at 26.30 seconds, with Hentrich second at 27.09 seconds, Watkins was third at 29.01 seconds, Charlotte Ohm of the Knights came in fourth at 29.34 seconds and Cain was fifth at 29.67 seconds.

Elena Rybak of the Griffins won the 400 meters with a time of 1:04.35, with Davenport second at 1:10.39 and Tyra Wells of the Explorers third at 1:16.26. McGivney's Kaitlyn Hatley won the 800 meters at 2:16,87, with Marquette's Ava Certa second at 2:42.31, Isabel Jacob of the Lions was third at 2:46.88, teammate Mia Donald was fourth at 2:49.70 and the Explorers' Cassidy Eccles was fifth at 3:07.27.

Rybak won the 1,600 meters with a time of 5:27.60, with Sarah McKowan of COR second at 5:53.46, teammate Rylee Brammeier was third at 6:07.66, fourth place went to Katie Johnson of Marquette at 6:25.52 and Donald placed fifth at 6:43.15, while Metro-East's Mireia Barcelo Machado had a time of 7:13.57. In the 3,200 meters, the winner was Jane Cummins of the Griffins at 12:12.78, with McKowan second at 12:46.19, Brammeier was third at 13:11.33, fourth place went to Paige Rister of the Explorers at 14:37.53 and Barcelo Machado was fifth at 16:11.27.

In the hurdles races, Davenport won the 100 meters with a time of 20.28, with Marquette teammate Finnley Stephenson second at 21,95 seconds. In the 300 meters, Watkins was the winner at 51.42 seconds, with Hentrich second at 51.81 seconds, Eccles came in third at 1:04.86 and Isabella Harris of McGivney was fourth at 1:09.63.

In the relay races, Marquette won the 4x100 meters at 57.07 seconds, with Metro-East second at 58.96 seconds and McGivney was third at 1:00.92. In the 4x200 meters, the Griffins won at 1:55.68, with the Explorers second at 1:56.52, The 4x400 meters was won by McGivney at 4:26.22, while Marquette was second at 4:37.45 and the 4x800 meters went to the Griffins at 10:41.57, with the Explorers second at 10:50.05.

In the field events, Sami Oller of the Griffins won the shot put with a throw of 8.69 meters, with teammate Zoe Oller second at 8.57 meters, Abigail Meyer of the Silver Stallions was third with a toss of 7.60 meters, Alecia McCulley of Marquette came in fourth at 7.31 meters and Stephenson was fifth at 7.01 meters. Morgan Koch of the Knights had a throw of 6.47 meters. In the discus throw, the winner was Zoe Oller, who had a throw of 28.13 meters, with Sami Oller second at 24.96 meters, third place went to Meyer at 24.20 meters and COR teammates Chloe Tate and Madisyen Nolte were fourth and fifth, respectively, with Tate's distance being 21.13 meters and Nolte having a throw of 20.80 meters. McCulley had a distance of 17.64 meters, while Metro-East's Kathren Wright had a toss of 17.32 meters.

Range won the high jump by clearing 1.52 meters, with Grace Sechrest of Marquette coming in second at 1.47 meters, while in the long jump, Hentrich won with a jump of 5.02 meters, with Sechrest second at 4.98 meters, in third place was Bianca Adubato of COR at 4.96 meters, fourth place went to Sherfy at 4.76 meters and both Watkins and Ohm tied for fifth at 4.46 meters, with Watkins taking fifth on a tiebreak. Donald had a distance of 3.98 meters. In the triple jump, Hentrich won with a leap of 10.35 meters, with Sherfy second at 9.57 meters, Adubato was third at 9.53 meters and Harris was fourth with a distance of 6.65 meters.

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