ALTON - An Illinois Department of Natural Resources bald eagle expert and a local photographer have already witnessed the magnificent bird in the area.

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INDR’s Scott Isringhausen said he has observed some bald eagles around the Jerseyville area and across the region in the first part of November. He said it is normal to see bald eagles around this time.

“The best time every year for bald eagle watching is the last week of January and the first 10 days of February,” he said. “People come from all over the U.S. to observe the eagles. They are such majestic birds. I have watched them for years, but I never get tired of watching them.”

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Photographer Vicky Schlueter submitted the two bald eagle photos shown with this story. She said the photos were outside of Brighton on Illinois Route 111 heading back into the Alton area.

"It was exciting to see them in full flight and dropping down to hunt in the field," she said. "The one in the photo was so majestic and graceful. I felt like it was a little early to see them, so that added to the excitement. I am looking forward to our eagle-watching days here in the Riverbend area."

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