MADISON COUNTY - The Madison County Sheriff's Office announced today that effective October 1, 2020, it will unveil a free new program available to all citizens in Madison County called the P.I.N. Sticker Program (Potentially Impaired or Non-Verbal Person). This project was inspired by St. Louis County Police Department’s P.I.N. Sticker Program and was made possible through our relationship with St. John Community Care and Madison County TRIAD.

The P.I.N Sticker Program allows for persons within Madison County who may suffer from an impairment, which may create a barrier in communication, to register with the program by completing a short registration form at the Madison County Sheriff’s Office. That participant will then be issued two (2) color coded stickers (one for their primary automobile and one for their home.) The stickers are color coded in a manner which will alert law enforcement to a specific impairment or communication barrier. The Madison County Sheriff’s Office will maintain a database of participants and local police agencies will be notified if a participant resides within their jurisdiction.

The color key and related list of impairments will be law enforcement sensitive. Color keys will be disseminated to all local police agencies with the request that it not be made public information or shared with the media in the interest of protecting those participating.

The program is intended to allow police officers, whether on a traffic stop or responding to a private residence, to recognize the P.I.N. Sticker and be aware that an impairment may present a communication barrier i.e., hearing impairment, dementia, autism, etc., Sheriff John D. Lakin and the Madison County Sheriff’s Office are eager to provide this program to the citizens of Madison County.

For information regarding the program, or to contact the Sheriff’s Office to register an individual, please email us at

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