EDWARDSVILLE - Republican Party Chairman Ray Wesley issued the following statement:

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"The Republican Party, just like the rest of Madison County, has been united in horror at the senseless killing of George Floyd, and inspired by the peaceful protests mourning his death as well as demanding that the officers involved face justice. We are the party of Lincoln, and will always stand for equal justice under law. Racism is wrong, especially when it is reflected in official actions by those whose job it is to serve all citizens equally.

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We are also deeply troubled that in this time of unity across America against racism and police brutality, there is a new idea that must find no traction in Madison County - the call for a complete defunding and dismantling of the police. This is, simply put, a fundamentally unjust and destructive idea. In a world without police, the rich would be protected in enclaves while the poor are left to the ravages of lawless violence and destruction. The Madison County Republican Party denounces the “defund the police” movement, just as it denounces racism. We call on all local political leaders and candidates of every party to publicly denounce the defund the police movement."

"I believe in strong and fair justice," said Tom Haine, Republican candidate for States Attorney. "Racism is wrong, and cuts against the core American values of equality and freedom. I also reject the false idea that our police departments are fundamentally evil and should be dismantled. We need to support our police, who stand between all of us and lawless violence, while we pursue a better and more just future for all. Neither the defund the police movement nor racism should have any place in Madison County."

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