EDWARDSVILLE - This is a roundup of the various Madison County races held on Tuesday.

In city and village Board of Aldermen and Trustee elections, Heather Stewart, Karen Straube and Randall D. Horner all ran unopposed for the three spots in Alhambra, with Stewart the leading vote-getter with 50, Straube having 49 votes and Horner receiving 43 votes. Elizabeth Allen also ran unopposed for Ward 1 Alderman in Alton, receiving 181 votes. For the Village Board of Trustees in Bethalto, the winners were Rachel Sontag, with 457 votes, Jeff Mull, with 346 votes, and Maria Perkhiser, who had 344 votes. Chrissy Wiley had 321 votes, Tim Vogel had 302 votes, Kenneth "Ed" Slayden had 256 votes and Brian Frier had 238 votes.

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Richard Stehman ran unopposed for Collinsville mayor, but collected 1,680 votes, while Tony Fuhrman and Anthony J. Hausmann were elected to the City Council, with Fuhrman receiving 1,211 votes to Hausmann's 1,033. Catherine Demers garnered 748 votes. Debra Angleton, Stanley Foiles and Walter Allen Hale III won election to the East Alton Board of Trustees, with Angleton the leader with 252 votes, Foiles had 237 votes and Hale received 219 votes. Jason D. Bricker had 203 votes, Anthony Wayne Whitehead had 116 votes and Brynn D. Kinchloe received 95 votes.

In the races for the Edwardsville Board of Alderman, Christopher Farrar received 357 votes in running unopposed for Ward 1, while Andrea Miracle won the Ward 3 race over Clemmescia Jackson 398-171. William Darrell Kraus ran unopposed in Ward 5, receiving 471 votes, while in Ward 7, Elizabeth Grant won her race over Shelly Keeven 492-142.

Mark Foley, Nekisha Omotola and Victor Smith all ran unopposed for Glen Carbon Village Trustee, with Foley the leader with 1,157 votes, Omotola receiving 1,025 votes and Smith getting 860 votes.

In the Village of Godfrey race for the Board of Trustees, Karen McAtee was the leader with 1,015 votes, while Craig Lombardi received 867 votes and Michael D. Fisher won 816 votes, with all three being elected to the board. Both Nancy E. Schoen and Wendy M. Reinacher-Helig were elected to the Grantfork Board of Trustees, with Schoen receiving 18 votes and Reinacher-Helig getting 17 votes. Justin Gerstner was unopposed for President of Hamel Village, receiving 121 votes, while Debbie Belville was unopposed for Village Clerk but received 113 votes. Elected to the Board of Trustees were Justin M. Goebel, who had 106 votes, Dwynn D. Isringhausen, who had 93 votes, and Randy Otrembiak, who received 82 votes.

In the Village of Hartford, Carolyn Daniels ran unopposed for Village Clerk, but still received 42 votes, while in the race for the Board of Trustees, Bill Moore, Jr. was the leading candidate with 42 votes, while both Michelle L. Preston and Kristie K. Luebbert both had 33 votes each, with all three being elected to full four-year terms. In a race for a two-year term, Paul E. Aldridge ran unopposed but still received 34 votes.

In the race for Highland City Council, the winners were William A. Napper, who took in 669 votes, and Sarah Sloan, who had 422 votes. Garry Klaus had 407 votes, Neill Nicolaides had 350 votes and Mike Blackburn had 145 votes. In the race for Livingston's Board of Trustees, the three winners were Debra Atwood, with 104 votes, Austin Scarsdale, who had 75 votes, and William E. Miller, who had 74 votes. Brett M. Whitworth had 61 votes.

Over in the Village of Marine, the three candidates elected to the Board of Trustees were Shaun P. Gunter, who was the leader with 120 votes, Kenneth Moss, who had 111 votes, and Mark Voigt, who had 83 votes. Lynn Edward Scherer received 80 votes.

The three candidates who were elected to the Maryville Village Board of Trustees were Robert Todd Bell, who had 482 votes, Mike Vallino, who had 468 votes, and Rocky Schmidt, who received 457 votes. The only three candidates who ran for Village Board of Trustees in Pierron were Kenneth L. Salmons, who received two votes, Kris Parent and Karen Schauwicker, who both received a single vote each.

Mike Pagano ran unopposed for President of the Village of Pontoon Beach, receiving 291 votes, while Harlon D. Keel picked up 253 votes in running unopposed for Village Clerk. Linda McFarland was the leading vote-getter for the Village Board of Trustees, with 221 votes, while Kelly Rogers had 200 votes and Steve Freese had 185 votes, with all three being elected to the Board. In the race for the Village Board of Trustees in Roxana, the three winners were Robert J. Newberry II, who led with 125 votes, Robert Kelly, who had 104 votes, and Jason John, who had 98 votes. Steven C. White had 77 votes in the race.

The three candidates elected to the Board of Trustees in St. Jacob were Nathan Schmidt, who had 142 votes, Timothy Elliott, with 112 votes, and Curtis Kinnick, who had 108 votes. Raymond D. Muniz was fourth with 83 votes. Both Guideon Richeson and George J. Gavlick, Jr. won two-year terms, with Richeson getting 132 votes to Gavlick's 119 votes. Anna Broadfoot was the leading vote-getter in the race for the Board of Trustees in South Roxana, receiving 95 votes, while T.J. Callahan had 93 votes and Gregory R. Adams was the third and final candidate elected with 75 votes, edging Tammy R. Adams, who had 74 votes, for the final seat.

In the race for the Board of Aldermen in Troy, the only contested race was in Ward 3, where Daniel L. Davison won over James D. DeCarli 114-65. Unopposed winners were in Ward 1, where Tony Manley received 162 votes, Troy Turner was unopposed in Ward 2, with 95 votes, and Debrah Knoll was also unopposed in Ward 4, picking up 181 votes.

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The Wood River City Council candidates elected were William "Bill" Detmers, who had 681 votes, and David Ayers, who had 678 votes. Kristen Burns had 503 votes, Sonya Hageman had 386 votes and Davis M. Landry had 110 votes. In the Village of Worden, the three candidates who ran for full four-year terms were Timothy L. Sexton, who had 82 votes, Gregory Bernard Garrison had 74 votes and Nikole Schmith had 71 votes, with all three elected to the Board. In a race for a two-year term, Susan Myers defeated Frank J. Dickerson 94-31 to win the seat.

Finally, in Granite City, in the two contested races for the City Council, Brad Eavenson defeated Lewis J. Giles in Ward 4, 597-98, while in Ward 5, James Hawkins won over Kimberly Benda 437-231. Bob Pickerell in Ward 1, who got 179 votes, Mary Davis, who received 206 votes in Ward 2, and Kimberly Pierson, who got 354 votes in Ward 3, all ran unopposed.

In the only contested Park District Board of Commissioners race, Rick Rader defeated Michael P. Toolen, Jr. for a seat on the Roxana board 131-108.

In races for the Board of Trustees in local library districts, in Bethalto, Shana Wright and Andrea Kramer won the election to the board, with Wright receiving 857 votes and Kramer 817. Both Patricia Stemmley and Pamela J. Collman were elected to four-year terms, with Collman taking 845 votes and Stemmley having 825 votes. Stephanie Allshouse ran unopposed for a two-year term, picking up 950 votes.

In the East Alton Library District, Janet Buttry was the leading vote-getter with 472 votes, while Judith Rickey had 430 votes and Margaret M. Funke picked up 420 votes, with all three being elected to the board. In the Glen Carbon district, the two winners were Jacqueline Day, with 968 votes, and Carla Elliff, who had 955 votes. Ingrid U. Moussalli had 664 votes, while Kayla Korte Cowell had 658 votes. In a race for a four-year term, Cody Jeter won over Nicholas "Nic" Schatte 896-699.

In the Hartford Library district, both Vickie Hopkins, with 32 votes, and Marvin R. Denton, who had 31 votes, won election to the board, while over in the Maryville district, the three candidates - Sharon Frey, with 605 votes, Rachel O'Neill, with 593 votes and Roger Shoup, with 542 votes - were all elected, while Karen L. Harris, who picked up 703 votes, won a two-year term. Jason John, with 141 votes, was unopposed for a term to the Roxana Library district, with Cecily Meador, who had 127 votes, was unopposed for a four-year term and Bethany Martin, who picked up 141 votes, was unopposed for a two-year term. In the Six-Mile District, which covers Granite City, Elizabeth Cicio, with 2,074 votes, and Christopher Hutchings, with 1,984 votes, won election to the Board of Trustees.

In the school board races, the three candidates who won the election to the Roxana Board of Education were Shelly Foiles Harvey, who led with 545 votes, Bob Coles second at 468 votes and Sherry Keller took the third and final seat with 447 votes. In the Triad district, the four candidates elected were Jeff Hewitt, the leader with 934 votes, Katy Little, with 928 votes, Ken Miller, with 909 votes, and Amy Moss, who had 734 votes. In the Highland school district, the top three candidates, Lora Miller, who led with 965 votes, Christopher Goodwin, who had 864 votes, and James M. Johnson, who had 784 votes, won the election, while in Staunton, David L. Lamore, who picked up 185 votes, ran unopposed for a two-year term, while Bradley Best, at 172 votes, Dori Rhodes, who had 142 votes, and Clayton Green, at 128 votes, all won full four-year terms.

In the Edwardsville school board elections, the two winners from the R and C Townships were Jill Bertles, with 5.019 votes, and Robert "Bob" Paty, who had 3,202 votes, won seats on the board, while Lynne Sanderson, who had 4,990 votes, ran unopposed from Edwardsville Township. All three candidates for the Bethalto district --- Kory Stassi, who led with 731 votes, Donald Woelfel, who had 728 votes, and Todd Meiser, with 712 votes - all won election to the board, while in Bunker Hill, Julie Fulton, Bradley A. Jarden and David L. Monetti, all had one vote each, but were elected to the board.

In the Granite City race, the top three candidates who won election to the board were Lori Silva, with 1,668 votes, Becky Bradley, who had 1.164 votes, and Donald Lienemann, with 1,018 votes. The top four finishers in Collinsville, who won election to the school board, were Dennis Craft, with 2,031 votes, Jane Sohelke, who had 1,838 votes, Vicki Reulecke, with 1,754 votes, and Michael Aden, with 1,613 votes.

In the Alton school board race, Christina M. Milien, who picked up 1,863 votes, was unopposed for a two-year term, while the top three finishers who won full four-year terms were Alfred (Al) J. Womack, Jr., who led the field with 1,502 votes, followed by David P. Lauschke, with 1,391 votes, and Vivian L. Monckton, who had 1,230 votes. Beverly Velloff had 1,124 votes in the Alton school board race, David M. Fritz recorded 1,097 votes and Jarvis Swope had 494 votes.

In the East Alton Elementary School District 13, David Watts was unopposed for a two-year term, garnering 447 votes, while Stacy Tierney was also unopposed for the East Alton ESD 14, with 949 votes. The three winners in the East Alton-Wood River Community High School district race, all four candidates, Melissa L. Bartles, with 733 votes, Jennifer Murray, who had 701 votes, Mellissa D. Gerner, who came up with 694 votes, and William Leroy Duncan, with 659 votes, were elected to the board. In the Wood River-Hartford Elementary district race, the three winners were Katie Russell, with 411 votes, Karen Ferguson, who had 331 votes, and Steven Scroggins, who had 302 votes.

In a race for the Board of Trustees at Lewis and Clark Community College, Jill Griffin won over Brian Campbell 8,633-7,729, with both candidates winning election to the board, while in races for the regional Board of Education, the two candidates that were elected were Steven Gusewelle, who had 7,266 votes, and Kyle Brase, with 6,239 votes.

Jack Leonard, with 1,220 votes, was unopposed for a seat on the Godfrey Fire District board, while in the Fosterburg Water District, Steve Strohbeck was the leader, having 404 votes, with Tricia Sisk gaining 321 votes and Brad Huette having 311 votes, all three being elected to the board. Both Janet Asbury and Debra Arbentrout were also elected to the Meadowbrook Water District Board of Trustees, with Asbury having 56 votes to Arbentrout's 55 votes.

Finally, in a pair of ballot issues, voters in the Edwardsville school district overwhelmingly passed a bond issue proposal 4,511-2,461, while in Granite City, voters approved a proposal to eliminate the treasurer's office, currently being held by Shari Grim, by a vote of 1,306-920.

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