North Mac Does Well In Macoupin County Track Meet, Wins Boys Title With 173 Points, Carlinville Second, Southwestern Third, Staunton Fifth, Bunker Hill Sixth

CARLINVILLE - Virden North Mac had many good performances as the Panthers won the 116th running of the boys Macoupin County track meet Friday evening at Carlinville High.

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North Mac won with 173 points, with the host Cavaliers second with 139.75 points, Piasa Southwestern was third with 72.5 points, Gillespie came in fourth with 71 points, Staunton was fifth with 70.75 points and Bunker Hill was sixth with 18 points.

Ethan Siglock of Carlinville won the 100 meters with a time of 11.22 seconds, with David Boletto of North Mac second at 11.36 seconds and teammate Jaquan Gause third at 11.42 seconds, Gillespie's Ronnie Monke was fourth at 11.81 seconds and teammate Logan Griffith was fifth at 11.86 seconds. Gause and Boletto went one-two in the 200 meters, with Gause winning at 23.31 seconds and Boletto placing second at 23.74 seconds, Monke came in third at 24.23 seconds, Carlinville's Charlie Kessinger was fourth at 24.31 seconds and Griffith was fifth at 24.60 seconds. The Piasa Birds' Collin Robinson won the 400 meters with a time of 54.21 seconds, with North Mac's Tyler Miller second at 54.69 seconds, Jack Rouse of the Cavies was third at 55.29 seconds, Collyn Oberkfell of Gillespie was fourth at 56.86 seconds and fifth place went to Dane Vance of the Panthers at 57.79 seconds.

In the 800 meters, first place went to Carlinville's Matt Dunn at 2:15.94, with teammate Will Meyer second at 2:16.34, Logan Santel of the Minutemen was third at 2:17.66, Brendan Fatheree of North Mac came in fourth at 2:19.34 and teammate Joe Reinhart was fifth at 2:22.21. Dunn took the 1,600 meters with a time of 5:12.20, with Santel second at 5:19.84, Southwestern's Garrett Beutel was third at 5:26.05, the Bulldogs' Broc Best was fourth at 5:32.95 and Fatheree was fifth at 5:36.70. In the 3,200 meters, Carlinville went one-two, with Meyer winning with a time of 11:23.75, teammate Sam Wilson was second at 11:28.85, Beutel came in third at 11:37.76, Staunton's Troy Albertina was fourth at 11:58.20 and in fifth place was Gillespie's Levi Hatley at 12:54.86.

In the hurdles races, the 110 meters went to Drake Dufrain of Staunton with a time of 16.23 seconds, Cadyn Oberkfell of Gillespie was second at 18.63 seconds, North Mac's Cole Dixon was third at 18.78 seconds, Sam Robinson of Southwestern was fourth at 19.53 seconds and in fifth place was Lucas Dawson of the Cavaliers at 20.22 seconds. In the 300 meters, Dufrain won his second event of the day, coming in at 43.33 seconds, the Panthers' Zane was second at 43.89 seconds, Cadyn Oberkfell came in third at 47.37 seconds, Sam Robinson was fourth at 48.57 seconds and Dixon finished fifth at 48.71 seconds.

In the relay races, North Mac took the 4x100 meters with a time of 44.21 seconds, Carlinville was second at 44.83 seconds, third place went to Southwestern at 46.62 seconds, in fourth place was Staunton at 46.77 seconds and Gillespie was fifth at 49.24 seconds. The 4x200 meters was won by North Mac at 1:31.07, with the Birds second at 1:42.35, the Bulldogs came in third at 1:43.18 and the Miners were fourth at 1:44.01. The Panthers won their third relay race of the day in the 4x400 meters, coming in at 3:43.01, with Southwestern second at 3:50.17, Staunton was third at 3:54.05, Carlinville came in fourth at 3:58.18 and Gillespie was fifth at 4:08.54. In the 4x800 meters, the Cavies won with a time of 9:25.33, with the Birds second at 10:09.62 and the Bulldogs third at 10:51.96. The Panthers were disqualified and recorded no time.

In the field events, Cooper Starks of North Mac won the shot put with a throw of 56 feet, eight-and-three-quarters inches, with Colton Robinson of Carlinville second at 53 feet, seven-and-a-half inches, Michael Bertetto of Gillespie was third at 42 feet, four-and-a-half inches, Harrison Nepute of the Cavaliers was fourth at 41 feet, 11 inches and Southwestern's David Watkins was fifth with a toss of 39 feet, three-and-three-quarters inches. The discus throw went to Reinhart with a throw of 140 feet, two inches, with Monke second at 132 feet, three inches, Robinson was third at 127 feet, two inches, Bertetto was fourth at 121 feet, three inches and fifth place went to Nepute at 119 feet, five inches.

North Mac went one-two in the high jump, with Damon Sharp going over at five feet, six inches to win, with Hogan second at five feet, four inches, Thomas Ogata of Staunton was third at five feet, two inches and a four-way tie for fourth between Staunton's Ryan Strebel, Lane Gage of Southwestern, John Bray of Carlinville and Trevor White of Southwestern, all going over at four feet, 10 inches, with Strebel coming in fourth, Gage fifth, Bray sixth and White seventh on the fewest misses rule. Carlinville's Mason Gilpin won the pole vault, going over at 10 feet, six inches, Michael Matesa of Staunton was second at nine feet, six inches. North Mac's Griffin Wiseman was third at nine feet even and teammate Jacob Bickel and Collin Robinson tied for fourth at eight feet, six inches, with Bickel coming in fourth on the fewest misses rule.

Sharp won the long jump, going 20 feet, one inch to win, with Jake Egelhoff of the Cavaliers second at 20 feet even, Logan Griffith of Gillespie took third at 18 feet, eight inches, fourth place went to Ethan Gibbel of the Cavies at 18 feet, one-half inch and Collyn Oberkfell was fifth at 17 feet, eight-and-a-half inches. In the triple jump, the winner was Sharp, who went 38 feet even, with teammate Dennis Corey second at 37 feet, three-and-a-half inches, Egelhoff was third with a distance of 36 feet, two-and-a-half inches, fourth place went to Bunker Hill's Jaydon Hausman at 35 feet, two inches and in fifth place was Collyn Oberkfell at 33 feet, seven-and-a-half inches.

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North Mac Runs Away With Girls Macoupin County Track Title With 180 Points, Carlinville Finishes Second, Staunton Places Third, Southwestern Fourth, Gillespie Fifth, Bunker Hill Sixth

Virden North Mac won the 50th running of the girls Macoupin County track meet in a runaway Friday afternoon at Carlinville High School, winning the meet with 180 points, with the host Cavaliers finishing second with 115 points, Staunton was third with 100 points, fourth place went to Piasa Southwestern with 71 points, Gillespie came in fifth with 34 points and Bunker Hill was sixth with 13 points.

Sarah Wiese of Carlinville won the 100 meters with a time of 13.26 seconds, with North Mac's Alexis Bowman was second at 13.39 seconds, teammate Kaelyn Smith was third at 13.51 seconds, Staunton's Lilly Trettenero was fourth at 14.04 seconds and Gillespie's Emmery Pau was fifth at 14.06 seconds. Addison Earley of the Panthers won the 200 meters with a time of 28.04 seconds, with Wiese second at 28.12 seconds, Pau came in third at 28.74 seconds, Bowman was fourth at 28.86 seconds and Trettenero finished fifth at 28.94 seconds. Earley won her second event of the meet in the 400 meters, coming in at 1:05.64, the Bulldogs' Gianna Bianco was second at 1:09.56, teammate Grace Bekeske was third at 1:12.02, the Cavaliers' Samantha Scott was fourth at 1:13.48 and teammate McKayla Ashby was fifth with a time of 1:14.22.

The 800 meters winner was Olivia Thoroman of North Mac, with a time of 2:49.31, with Caroline Gibbel of the Cavies second at 2:51.90, third place went to teammate Braylee Gilmore at 2:57.41, in fourth place was Staunton's Sam Schnefke at 3:03.34 and Gillespie's Autumn Smith was fifth at 3:06.07. Thoroman took the 1,600 meters, coming in at 6:32.37, the Bulldogs' Lexi Hester was second at 7:07.72, third place went to teammate Sarah Wright at 7:40.37, Shelby Harmon of North Mac was fourth at 8:13.94 and in fifth place was Southwestern's Audrey Gordon at 8:24.97. Thoroman made it a sweep of the distance races with a win in the 3,200 meters at 13:58.19, with Gordon coming in second at 19:13.59.

The 100 meter hurdles was won by the Panthers' Emma Crawford at 16.81 seconds, with the Cavies' Kallie Kimbro second at 18.50 seconds, Makenna Wilkinson of the Minutemaids was third at 18.62 seconds, North Mac's Addison Clark was fourth at 19.55 seconds and Mia Brawner of Gillespie was fifth at 19.58 seconds. In the 300 meters, Crawford won her second event of the day, coming in at 52.01 seconds, with teammate Rebekah Hannah second at 55.12 seconds, Wilkinson came in third at 56.66 seconds, Brawner was fourth at 56.84 seconds and Lilly Foles of Carlinville was fifth at 57.81 seconds.

In the relay events, the 4x100 meters was won by North Mac at 51.29 seconds, Carlinville was second at 57.00 seconds, Staunton was third at 57.43 seconds and Southwestern was fourth at 1:01.48. In the 4x200 meters, North Mac won the race with a time of 1:52.01, while Southwestern was second at 2:07.47. The 4x400 meters was won by Carlinville at 4:52.00, with Staunton was second at 5:02.74, third place went to the Piasa Birds at 5:07.35 and in fourth place was North Mac at 5:12.60. Gillespie won the 4x800 meters with a time of 12:23.81, with Staunton coming in second at 12:35.81, North Mac came in third at 14:31.90 and Southwestern was in fourth 15:03.06.

In the field events, the shot put was Carlinville's Hannah Gibson, who had a toss of 30 feet, one-half inch, with second place going to Britnee Lange of North Mac at 29 feet, one-half inch, the Cavies' Isabella Tiburzi was third at 28 feet, six inches, in fourth place was Kinzi Kuhar of North Mac, with a throw of 26 feet, five inches and Allie Goss of Southwestern was fifth at 26 feet, four inches. In the discus throw, Gibson and Tiburzi went one-two for Carlinville, with Gibson winning the event at 118 feet, eight inches and Tiburzi was second with a toss of 83 feet, 10 inches. Third place went to North Mac's Ella Christopher at 78 feet, five inches, while Hannah was fourth at 72 feet, 10 inches and Goss came in fifth at 63 feet, one inch.

Hannah was the winner of the high jump, going over at four feet, 10 inches, with BIanco and Bekeske tying for second at four feet, eight inches, Bianco taking second on the fewest misses rule, and both Clark and Hayden Ross of Southwestern tying for fourth at four feet, two inches, Clark taking the fourth place points on the fewest misses rule. In the pole vault, Emily Lowis of the Birds won, going over at eight feet even, with Trettenero coming in second at seven feet, six inches and Gracie Darr of Southwestern came in third, going over at seven feet even.

Kimbro took the long jump with a distance of 13 feet, 11 inches, with Pau second at 13 feet, one inch, Lowis came in third at 12 feet, six inches, fourth place went to Gilmore at 12 feet, five inches and Gracie Meador of North Mac was fifth at 12 feet, four inches. In the triple jump, the winner was Southwestern's AmyDee Bachman, who went 28 feet, 11-and-a half feet to take the event, with second place going to Bekeske at 28 feet, 10-and-a-half feet, in third place was Bianco at 28 feet, five inches, fourth place went to Hanna Wonaroski of North, at 26 feet, three inches and in fifth place was teammate Haleigh Bultema, who went 25 feet, four-and-a-half inches.

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