Following one of the best outings of his career, in which the St. Louis Cardinals beat Milwaukee 1-0, and he scattered five hits with five strikeouts in 7.2 scoreless innings, the conversation with Lance Lynn sounded more like a comedy routine than post-game interview.

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“I had a good fastball tonight,” began Lynn. “That’s all I threw.”

Good location?

Changing speeds?


Changing speeds?

“Fastball’s a fastball.”

How much does it help when you can work off the fastball?

“When you throw 117 fastballs, it’s a good thing.”

MLB: Milwaukee Brewers at St. Louis CardinalsDid you count them all individually?

“Well, whatever the pitch count was, that’s how many fastballs I threw.”

You threw 118.

“Oh sorry. Yeah, 117’s right then.”

What was the one that wasn’t?

“It was an out, who cares.”

You also picked someone off…

“He shouldn’t have been stealing.”

You also had a base hit–is this full Lance Lynn?

“I struck out once, terrible at-bat.”

So it was a bad night?


How good was it to see that double-play there in the 9th?

“I enjoyed it, how about you?”


“Yeah, take it every time.”

You’re accustomed to working little support, does that steel you for games like this?

“No, I’m used to getting all kinds of support. So, it’s good to win a 1-0 game. Sometimes you’ve got to do it.”

Can share a little bit about the feel to back off or throw harder on the fastball?

“Really, I just throw it and it does what it does. Sometimes it’s slower, sometimes it’s harder.”

Mike talked about your rhythm, did you know that early on?

“No, I don’t really pay attention to it. I just worry about trying to get the guy in the box out.”

So, with an unconscious performance like it was tonight–how do you replicate it?

“I don’t remember what happened.”

You threw a lot of fastballs.

“That’s right. That’s what they tell me.”

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Do you want to talk about pitch counts?

“Those are over-rated.”

You had 84 strikes tonight, was part of the game plan to go right at them?MLB: Milwaukee Brewers at St. Louis Cardinals

“That’s my game plan every night. Sometimes it just doesn’t work out.”

So does Yadi even have to put the “one” down or you guys just play catch?

“Truthfully, there’s times where he doesn’t put anything down.”

He just sometimes gives you a location, right? No?

“Sometimes he just tells me to throw it.”

He sets up in the middle?

“He just tells me to throw something and he knows I’m going to throw a fastball, so it’s pretty easy to catch.”

We all know you’re going to throw a fastball.

Those two at-bats against Gomez, the long ones, was he fouling off good pitches?

“Yeah. He struck out twice, so who cares how long the at-bat is.”

What is it that you love about fastballs?

“The fact that it’s the only pitch that everyone has. And I have it and throw it a lot and they don’t like it.”

You’ve worked on the cutter, worked on the sinker…

“I’ve got a curveball and changeup too, but if you don’t have to use them it’s good.”

But they’ve tried to throw these pitches at you…how could do you have to be with the fastball to make this work?

“They’ve never asked me to do anything, it’s just part of evolving as a pitcher. You never know when you get older and you might need some other pitches, so why not work on them now?”

When was the last time you used a curveball and changeup?

“In the bullpen before the game.”

Why bother?

“You never know when you might need it.”

What did you think of their kid?

“He’s good. He’s changing speeds with his fastball, cutting it, and moving it in and out. So it’s tough to hit.”

Why do you love the fastball again?

When did you realize you could throw the fastball so well?

“When I first started pitching. That’s why I’m here. It’s one thing I’ve always had.”

Are you excited about matching your career high in hits?

“I know, maybe I might not get another one so thanks for ruining it for me.”

What was the pitch you hit Lance?

“I have no idea…it wasn’t a fastball, I know that!”

Lance Lynn will be appearing again on stage in five days for the St. Louis Cardinals.

photo credit:  Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports



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