Imagine getting 50% off the bill the next time you dine at your favorite restaurant. Or 90% off at local shows, sporting events and popular stores.
Today’s Advantage is bringing just such opportunities to Metro East consumers with
Dramatic discounts will be available on restaurants, theaters, spas, classes, sporting events, bars, museums, concerts, gyms and a whole lot more around the Riverbend, Edwardsville and Granite City areas.
Eric McRoy, General Manager of Today’s Advantage explains how it works. “Consumers simply visit Anyone with an email address may purchase,” he says. “Once a week, online users will receive an email reminder of the “Today’s AdVantage Deal” of the week. Registered users can purchase the deal via secure credit card transaction right on the site. But there is a catch.
Local retailers offering the “Deal” may require a minimum number of customers to purchase the offer before they are willing to honor the discount. This is called a “Tipping Point.” If that tipping point (minimum number of interested customers) is not reached, the deal is off and no one gets the bargain.
There may be a maximum number of buyers allowed to purchase the deal as well so it pays to go to the web site early and purchase as soon as possible.
The web site shows how many people have purchased the deal and/or how close the deal is to “tipping”.
Using Facebook, Twitter and email, customers encourage friends to get in on the deal and force it to tip.
Subscribers who refer a friend to this site can receive a $5 credit toward future deals if their friend also buys.
When the tipping point is reached, buyers are automatically notified via email that their credit card has been charged and their voucher is ready to be downloaded.
The minimum and maximum number of buyers is set so that advertisers as well as consumers are guaranteed good value.
This exciting approach to making great deals available is the first of its kind offered by anyone in the local area.
McRoy says advertisers are excited about the concept and are already lining up. He explains retailers get a full page ad in the printed edition on the same day the deal goes live.
If the minimum required number of buyers is not reached, the advertiser is charged nothing. “It’s the first truly risk-free form of advertising,” McRoy says.
Businesses interested in advertising on the site can submit a form at the website or call at 618-463-0162.
Subscribe now for unbelievable deals from local businesses at

Pictured above: Today’s AdVantage General Manager, Eric McRoy, shows the full page ad directing readers to visit the website to save 50% to 90% off local fare and things to do. is hiring! Advertising Sales and Marketing Consultant.

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