Matt Bockstruck with his book, "Paranormal Tales" EAST ALTON – Small business owner Matt Bockstruck, 29, of East Alton, is venturing into the world of self-publishing with his newest book, “Paranormal Tales.”

The first time Bockstruck viewed a paranormal television show on cable, his interest in the topic flourished, finding it fascinating how researchers worked to discover the afterlife.

“About 10 years after watching the TV shows, I had my first live experience in my house,” he said. “I was watching TV one night and kept hearing loud, unexplained footsteps in the hallway. During this event, my dog started acting weird and began barking toward the hallways. I witnessed a dark, black mass move from the hallway toward my front window and disappear.”

From his own experience and after joining paranormal investigation groups around the area, the friends he made along the way, as well as his parents, encouraged him to put his verbal storytelling skills into words.

“I did some research about writing a book and figured out what was the most cost-effective way to get it published,” he said. “When I finished my research, I decided to go the self-publishing route.

“Random people would inform me about how good of a storyteller I could be and they say I should consider writing as a side business,” he said. “That’s where I am today! I still have my regular business, where I work from March until mid-December, and during the winter months, I focus on new book ideas.”

“Paranormal Tales” is the first of several self-published books Bockstruck plans to write over the next few years. His future titles will be non-fiction short stories.

“The best way to explain the book to readers is when you order a copy, you will learn how I discovered the paranormal from personal experiences and how I started researching about haunted locations in the Alton area,” he said. “In the book, I talk about investigating a haunted hotel, restaurant and how I learned to improve my skills as a paranormal investigator.”

Interested readers can order “Paranormal Tales” as an e-book and as a physical paperback copy. The e-book can be purchased on Kindle through Amazon and paperback copies are available for purchase on, Barnes & Noble, Books A Million, The Depository and Book World.

You can find his book on Amazon by clicking here.

When he’s not operating his business, Matt’s Mowing, or expanding his literature catalog, Bockstruck loves to exercise, play golf and darts and enjoys Indy Car racing.

From 12 to 4 p.m. on Sunday, Jan. 29, Bockstruck will be signing and selling copies of his book at AP Cigar Co. in Rosewood Heights. For more information about future signings, or to keep up with Bockstruck on his writing journey, please visit the Paranormal Tales Facebook Page.

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