ALTON - Dave Emmons, local author and host of the Dave Emmons Show, recently discussed his personal experiences with the supernatural and his new book, “Angels and Supernatural Entities: The Alien Angel Connection” on a recent episode of Our Daily Show! on

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The book describes six different “spirit guides,” including Guardian Angels and Spirit Animals, which Emmons said can be found all around us in our everyday lives.

“These spirit guides can be anywhere from your relatives, your friends, they could be spirit guides that are assigned to you that you don’t really know,” Emmons said. “They come through dimensions and they could even actually be your animals, your pets and your dogs. I didn’t really know that until I got into some research … this book was highly researched.”

He said these “spirit guides” are different from angels in the sense that they’re assigned to each individual person, while angels are responsible for a wide range of people. As a Vietnam veteran, Emmons said either angels or spirit guides were with him during combat.

“I felt that angels were with me, my spirit guides or angels were with me in Vietnam,” he said. “[There were] a couple of times I could’ve gotten killed, but something saved me.”

Emmons said he’s personally seen a couple of angels, which partially inspired him to write this book.

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“In 1972, I woke up one night - I was living at my mom and dad’s house after the war, and at about 3:00 in the morning I woke up, I felt some presence,” he said. “I looked up and I saw this lady that was in a white robe - her face was covered - and I looked up and there she was, standing, looking at me.

“She turned and walked real slow away from me and walked into my mom’s room. So I asked my mom, I said, ‘Did you see something happen?’ She goes, ‘No.’

He said on both occasions, the angels appeared during bad times in his life; the first angel appeared after his struggles with PTSD following Vietnam, while the second angel appeared in 1998 following a divorce.

“In ‘98, I went through a troublesome divorce. I was a little bit down, and that angel walked in my bedroom again at about the same time. 3:00 in the morning, at the foot of my bed, and there it was standing - the same one,” he said. “It turned and walked into my bathroom, and I walked and followed it and it was gone.”

The first part of the book lays out the way each religion views angels - Emmons described it as “Angels 101.” The book goes on to cover several other subjects, including who the supernatural entities in question are, humans having supernatural abilities within themselves, and stories about Jesus which Emmons said readers may have never read before.

“Angels and Supernatural Entities: The Alien Angel Connection” is Emmons’ third book and can be purchased from Amazon and Barnes & Noble. He said he’s currently working on his fourth book, which will be a sci-fi novel.

Emmons spoke even further on the connections and distinctions between angels and supernatural entities in the full interview, which can be watched at the top of this story or on

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