September 14th Pastor Perry will once again be going for a record.  Guinness along with the Regis and Kelly show are promoting the release of the 2011 edition of the book and Perry has been ask to come on the show and break his record.  He will be trying to break his own record of 1926 shots made in one hour. Perry, Nicole, and Kimberly will be traveling to New York City September 13th and he will be shooting live on September 14th. The idea is for him to start before the show begins and by the end of the show break the record. We are really hoping for an opportunity to share about BGMC, since this was the original motivation to break the record so be praying for an open door. 

So set your VCR’s, DVR’s, and any other R’s and be ready to watch Live with Regis and Kelly September 14th.

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