COLLINSVILLE - If there was ever a person who exhibited extreme courage and strength over the past week it is Linsey Timmins.

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Linsey lost her beloved husband, Pontoon Beach Police Officer Tyler N. Timmins, on October 26, 2021, after a tragic shooting at an area convenience store. Officer Timmins officially died in the line of duty. Linsey and Tyler were just recently married on September 11, 2021.

Linsey has remained strong since it happened, and her strength has helped the Pontoon Beach Police officers, other family members, and fellow first responders pull through this nightmare.

Pontoon Beach Police Chief Chris Modrusic said at the funeral service that indeed “Linsey allowed us to be strong."

"Linsey called me after this happened and asked if there was anything she could do to make sure the other Pontoon Beach Police members are OK," he said.

Chief Modrusic said Linsey said on that fateful day: "Make sure they (the other Pontoon Beach Police officers) have someone they can talk to about Tyler's death. Linsey has such compassion for other people. Tyler loved his family so much. Linsey was his soulmate, and he loved Chloe.”

Photo courtesy of Alex Vucha

Linsey thanked everyone for showing them such incredible love and support over the past week.

“Everyone has been generous and it so much appreciated,” she said.

In her time speaking about her husband at the funeral, one of the most touching parts was when Linsey read a definition of the word hero. “It means a person who is admired for great or brave acts or fine qualities.

“The definition of a hero is my husband,” she said. “He woke up every day and put on his uniform and vest to his chest. He used his career to protect the lives of complete strangers and put his life on the line every day.

"In the end, he gave the ultimate sacrifice. He was the type of police officer who bled blue and never once complained about his job. He felt this is the job God called him to do.

“He loved sharing his 14 years of experience with other police officers. Police officers and their spouses are the toughest people in the world given the cruelty we live in. I remember when the new laws regarding police were changing, I asked him if he thought about doing anything different and he said: 'Linsey we can’t do anything different. If all the good ones walk away there will be no brothers and sisters in blue.'"

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Another message Linsey delivered to first responders was as touching her interpretation of the word hero: "He loved every single one of you.”

Linsey acknowledged that many people have asked her how she could be so strong after such a difficult loss and she said it was because of her husband's everlasting strength.

“The truth is I am strong because of Tyler," she said. "In five short years with him, he taught me more than I could ever experience in my lifetime. He taught me patience, kindness, and forgiveness.

"The love I shared with my husband is not the love every person gets an opportunity to share in their lives. I am grateful to know Tyler will always be my husband and was the best person I have ever known.

"He is my hero.”

Photo courtesy of Tiffany & Christopher Schaefer, Owners & Teammates | Amber Mark Photography

Residents are encouraged to contribute to Officer Timmins' family for their future needs. To contribute to the Timmins family these are various options:

Checks can be sent to:

Tyler Timmins Family Memorial Fund, 99 Supporting Services Road, Edwardsville, IL., 62026.

or a GoFundMe:

To contribute visit:

Photo courtesy of Tiffany & Christopher Schaefer Owners & Teammates | Amber Mark Photography

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