Letter to the Editor,

The article that was posted in the Riverbender.com on March 1, 2021, which stated

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“Coalition Of Leaders Announces Endorsement for Walker, Smith”, and pictured the people that stood with him, was marred by the words and subjects that followed. The depiction of David Goins and his career with the Alton Police Department was a hurtful and harmful address of the truth and an attack of his character and one that I will be forever sorrowful. This election is about the betterment of Alton, its Citizens and it’s future. “THAT’S IT! Anything past that, is conjectural, slanderous and out of character as an intelligent people. We are a community of different ethnic, cultural and social backgrounds that should come together as a community to meet all of our needs, wants and desires. And we should do it as a COMMUNITY! Articles such as the one that was posted in the Riverbender.com are those that separate and divide us, while causing mistrust in the system as well as our community leaders. This shouldn’t be so in one who’s claims are “Love Thy Neighbor”!

Although, I truly believe that Alton would be better served in the hands Mayor Brant Walker, I don’t believe in tearing down one’s abilities, inabilities or character to get ahead is the proper tool for advancement. And oftentimes, it’s not the candidates that are the mud slingers in an election, but the supporters of those candidates which have strayed from humanistic feelings and the courtesies of proper communication. To this end, only animosity, dislike, discord and misunderstandings can prevail, and it should not be tolerated when choosing a leader.

This is not the kind of support that I envisioned when selecting my candidate for the upcoming Alton Mayoral election, and my intention was far from hurting reputations, families or characters. I simply wanted to support the best person for the job while maintaining a social and professional atmosphere during the election process. This characterization of David Goins and the Hightower’s were a misstep on my part and shouldn’t have been displayed in this type of forum! So, I would personally like to apologize for any hurt feelings, name calling or divisions that this particular article has caused.

Again, Mayor Brant Walker is “MY” choice for Mayor of Alton and I flat foot stand on that choice, and I believe that he will get this city going in the right direction, when re-elected.

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So, let’s get it done!

Again, my deepest apologies to David Goins, the Hightower’s and the Alton community.

GOD Bless,

Stephen Thomas

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