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Dear Editor:

Since taking office, Gov. Rauner has been fixated on one thing: breaking unions in Illinois. In his first year in office, Rauner worked nonstop to force towns and villages to pass his “Turnaround Agenda,” which would have implemented local so-called “right-to-work” zones and lowered the pay of working men and women.

While most local Mayors rejected the governor’s union-busting agenda, Edwardsville Mayor Hal Patton endorsed the governor’s plan. While he was ultimately unsuccessful, Patton teamed with Rauner to pass the anti-union platform.

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Now, Hal Patton wants to represent us in the State Senate in Springfield. Now more than ever, we need an advocate who will push back against Gov. Rauner in his attempts to weaken organized labor. Rachelle Aud Crowe supports organized labor and is endorsed by laborers, teachers, steelworkers, machinists, operating engineers, pipe fitters, carpenters, teamsters, firefighters and law enforcement unions.

Born and raised in Wood River in a manufacturing household, Rachelle will fight for the rights of workers and ensure the interest of middle-class families remain front and center. Let’s ensure Hal Patton can’t continue advocating against working men and women by voting for Rachelle Aud Crowe this November.


Steven Tyler
Business Manager and Secretary/Treasurer
Laborers’ Local 397

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