Letter to the Editor:

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PIASA - As some of you may know there has been a hate crime committed at Southwestern High School in Piasa, Illinois. A student was attacked for wearing a rainbow flag around his neck. He is okay and the student who attacked him has since been arrested but the way the community reacted was extremely negative and hateful.

Saying things such as "don't wear rainbow stuff in a school that supports the Confederate flag" and sided with the attacker instead of the victim. Well, a small group of students at Lewis and Clark Community College in Godfrey Illinois are planning a day of love and support to show LGBTQ students at that high school and in that community that they are not alone. We are planning to stand outside the Carlinville Illinois Courthouse on November 23rd at 8:00 am with signs of affirmation and love. We chose that day and time because through talking to the victim’s brother we found out that the victim must attend court that day because of this case. We want to show him as much love and support as we can since that day is more than likely going to be extremely stressful for him and his family. It is not exactly a protest. It is more a day of support and love for the members of the LGBTQ community that may not be feeling supported since the attack and since that community showed its ugly side. We were wondering if anyone from your organization would be interested in attending with us or could help spread the word about our event. We are students from Lewis and Clark Community College, but the event is not a sanctioned school event. The event is completely open to the public and all are welcome to join and show their support and love for him, his family, the members of LGBTQ community in that school, and in that area. Please let us know if you want to attend or can help us with this event in anyway or if you know of any other groups that would be interested in helping. I have included a link to the article in the Advocate about the hate crime and a link to our Facebook group about the attack and our Show of Love Day. We appreciate whatever help you can provide us.

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