Letter To The Editor:

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Who is the REAL Jeff Larner? You might know about Jeff Larner, THE PROFESSIONAL: Marine, policeman, head of Global Security for two multinational corporations. But let me tell you about Jeff Larner, THE MAN. Or actually, THE KID.

Jeff and I grew up in adjacent neighborhoods in the sticks outside Granite City. We attended grades 1-12 together. When we were in high school in the ‘70s:

• Despite being a skinny runt, Jeff was a great athlete and natural leader. He was captain of the Granite City soccer team in the era they won ten state championships. I always admired his work ethic and discipline.

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• He was well-liked, and gentlemanly at an age it wasn’t cool. He was voted Fall Festival King.

• When guys did dumb things like break school windows or TP yards, Jeff would try to talk them out of it and refused to participate. He resisted peer pressure — a man of principle even as a teenager.

• He also ignored peer pressure by joining the choir — rare for athletes. A musician, he also played drums in a garage band. A person of many talents.

• Most impressive to me: despite being a sports legend and a rock star and uber-popular, Jeff was humble. He was never arrogant or cliquish, and always had a smile and a kind word for everyone. Jeff was raised right.

Jeff is a man of character. He will treat citizens and Deputies fairly. I wholeheartedly support Jeff Larner for Sheriff of Madison County.

Dave Heth Maryville, Illinois

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