We hear every time, at every election cycle “Joe Candidate” promises to cut taxes and blah, blah, blah. “Joe Candidate” talks big but never does... get it done.

Well Godfrey residents, there is a great big difference between “Joe Candidate” and Mark Stewart, Godfrey Trustee, and candidate for Godfrey Mayor. When Mark Stewart makes a pledge or statement on a topic, he already has a plan on how to make it happen. You can take that to the bank. One thing that people consistently say about Mark Stewart is, when others talk, he takes action and gets things done for the residents of Godfrey.

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“No one cares more about the residents of Godfrey and I will always work hard for them.” Said Stewart.

Mark made an early commitment to the residents of Piasa Hills that he would demand the abatement of the unfair sewer tax that was levied against these property owners and for the abolishment of the special service area that allowed for this unfair tax levy. After doing his homework and get all the facts in place, Mark demanded that these things be done immediately and he…got it done.

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Moving forward on property taxes, Mark wants to do even more, but for all the property owners in the Village. Through a well-planned, more efficient economic policy, Mark will propose a cut of the Village property tax levy by 50% over four years, while still providing top quality services. With your help and support, he will…get it done.

On the sales tax side, Mark wants to expand the Godfrey business district to include all Village businesses. At the same time as the expansion takes place, Mark wants to cut the district sales tax charged by these businesses by 50%. With your help and support, he will…get it done.

These proposals above are not just campaign slogans and meaningless promises. These are well thought out plans to make Godfrey a better place to live, own a business or property and to raise a family. Godfrey should…Expect More from their Mayor and now is the time to make it happen.

Mark Stewart in a hands-on leader that thinks outside the box to find better ways to help the residents of Godfrey. He stands up and delivers for the residents. With your help, support and vote for Mayor, he will continue to get it done.

“Property taxes are too high, and we need to get the Village’s share as low as possible, as soon as possible. If we can get it done quicker or in a bigger way, we will do it, but I need the support of the residents to get it done.” Stewart said.

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