Letter To The Editor:

In the wake of an election and encouraging voters to go to the polls I begin to wonder why so many are not engaged in this process. There are many worries that black and brown people may have that have them somewhat distracted right now. One of them is that tenants are pushing for solutions to rising rents and evictions, and to address private equity’s role in exacerbating the nation’s housing crisis.

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Some tenants are organizing to save their homes and create more just local and national housing policies, as well as the role of private equity in fueling the housing crisis.

Questions are being pondered over:

What is the impact of housing speculation and private equity in the single-family and multi-family rental markets?

How do public policies and the actions of the Government-Sponsored Enterprises (GSEs) play into the housing crisis?

How are tenants and community organizations working to build power for a just housing future.

The U.S. is currently facing a large-scale eviction crisis. But by understanding where the threat of evictions is highest and pursuing solutions accordingly, city, county, and state policymakers can consciously choose to avoid this crisis and prevent the displacement and disruption of millions of families. With the federal moratorium on coronavirus-related evictions potentially coming to an end, eviction has become a greater concern for many. However, evictions weren’t uncommon in the pre-pandemic landscape.

The world of evictions is complex and can have a serious impact on the lives of those affected. Here are 20 insightful eviction statistics to review.

1. 3.6 Million Eviction Cases Are Filed Annually in the United States

2. There Are 4,100 Eviction Judgments Every Day in the United States

3. 14% of Children Born in Large Cities Experience an Eviction by Age 15

Generally, landlords file for evictions for back rent after one to two months. However, that doesn’t mean the debts are large.

4. 10% of Renters Have Access to Legal Counsel During Eviction Proceedings

5. Evicted Tenants Are Nearly 25% More Likely to Experience Long-Term Housing Problems

Involuntary moves – such as an eviction – can result in long-term housing instability and homelessness. Overall, tenants who had to relocate involuntarily are 25% more likely to experience housing problems long-term than renters who aren’t involuntarily moved.

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9. Workers Who Experience an Eviction Are 20% More Likely to Lose Their Job

10. Mothers Who Are Evicted Are 20% More Likely to Experience Depression

Eviction has an impact on mental health. When looking at new parents, mothers who experience an eviction after childbirth are 20% more likely to report depression than mothers who have not had an involuntary move.

11. Low-Income Black Women Are at the Highest Risk, Representing 30% of Evictions

12. Black Households Are More Than Twice as Likely to be Evicted Than White Households

Overall, black households are at greater risk of eviction than white households. Overall, black households are more than twice as likely to be evicted.

13. Post-Moratorium Evictions Could Cost Taxpayers $199 Billion to $315+ Billion in Related Costs

14. Evictions Increase Odds of Applying for Homeless Shelters by 14 Percentage Points

15. A Quarter of Low-Income Households Spend 70 Percent of Their Income on Rent

16. Eviction Can Increase Suicide Risk 4-Fold

17. And Homelessness Can Increase Suicide Risk 10-Fold

18. For Those Behind on Rent, Food Insecurity Rates Are Quadrupled

19. Unstable Housing Increases Child Hospitalizations and Increases Developmental Delays

20. Nearly 10 Percent of Apartment Households Failed to Pay Rent During November 2020

Ultimately, evictions are always part of the landscape. But the effects of these actions can be harmful, and certain eviction trends could point to larger systemic issues, particularly some that impact low-income and minority households. Education and job security will help eliminate this crisis.

Rosetta Brown


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