Let's all embrace better health in 2015, by staying properly HYDRATED!


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- It's Critical for Heart Health
- to Clear the Lungs
- Promotes Digestion
- Revitalizes Brain tissue
- Nourishes Complexion
- Cleanses other Vital Organs
- to Eliminate waste
- to Stay Mentally Alert
- to Stay Physically Fit
- to Avoid Common Illness, i. e., Gout
- to Suppress Chronic Diseases, i. e., Asthma
- Allows your body to Maintain `70 % water!

Just hitting the highlights!

Here are the best known GUIDELINES for knowing, when you're properly HYDRATED -

Take a look, after urinating, please!

If the urine is: Clear or slightly yellowish
- You are HYDRATED, most probably!


Next time you Urinate!
Take a look, please!

If the URINE is: Dark yellow, cloudy, brownish, discolored, you are DEHYDRATED, most probably!

RECOMMENDATION: As always, consult with your medical team, or trained personnel, regarding the treatment, actions to be taking for HYDRATION & DEHYDRATION!

NEED MORE INFO? To learn more about HYDRATION & DEHYDRATION, please contact the American Lung Association & the American Heart Association!

Plus, important point: It's just as possible, to "over HYDRATE" yourself, as to "over water" a house plant!

If, you've ever "over watered" a house plant then, you know what to expect, what can happen? Your house plant can get "root rot" which can destroy it!

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Simply, we can over water our bodies!

We could be, unknowingly, washing out vitamins, essential oils & minerals, throwing off the body's natural balance, jeopardizing our health!

We should really find what works best, for ourselves, our children, pets, vegetation & be vigilant about staying properly HYDRATED, for overall good health!


MEDICATIONS: Most prescriptions, over-the-counter medications, vitamins & herbal supplements require a specific amount of water, to work, absorb properly, into the system; Please read all labels, for best absorption!

Reminder: All "sport's & Juice drinks" are NOT created equal; Read all labels, carefully, observing unnecessary additives!


There's an old saying "If you are thirsty, you are already DEHYDRATED!"

So, to be sure, drink-up, before your mouth is "spittin' cotton!"!

Let's do make our New Year's Resolutions for 2015, to include Staying Properly Hydrated, to benefit our overall health!

Let's Seize 2015, for Proper Hydration!

Happy New Year!

Holly Fairfield

Sources: Staying Hydrated, Staying Healthy", American Heart Association and the American Lung Association, Hydration Guidelines

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