JEFFERSON COUNTY – Living Life on 2 Wheels is partnering with All Kids Bike® to launch the Learn-To-Ride bike program in 35 Jefferson County elementary schools. This program, supported by Home Service Oil and Express Mart, will help approximately 15,000 kindergarten and first-grade students learn to ride over the next five years.

“We have to give children the tools to think for themselves, make decisions, and have the opportunity to fail. That is when they truly learn,” said Rene Creed, Living Life on 2 Wheels co-founder and All Kids Bike® national ambassador. “Gaining the strength and wisdom to overcome and persevere only comes with experience. Bicycling gives kids these important life skills.”

“Riding a bicycle is fundamental in learning what it means to have pride, independence, and camaraderie,” said Chris Creed, co-Founder of Living Life on 2 Wheels and owner of Gateway Devo Cycling.

So far, Home Service Oil and Express Mart have donated a total of $10,000 to Living Life on 2 Wheels. This partnership is also kicking off their own new giveback initiative called “em outdoors.” Home Service Oil and Express Mart plan to partner each year with an organization that focuses on getting kids outside. Living Life on 2 Wheels is their first partner for the initiative.

“Partnering with Living Life on 2 Wheels is close to my heart because I always loved to be outside, whether it was fishing or camping growing up, and I would love to see that joy in the next generation of kids,” said Zachary Mangelsdorf, president of Home Service Oil and Express Mart. “My hope is that they will venture outside more and learn additional ways of being healthy and active.”

The Learn-To-Ride program is currently active in 220 schools in 35 states. Inclusive opportunity for the children of Jefferson County will be made possible by the partnership and support from Home Service Oil and Express Mart.

“Together we have the power to chart a better, healthier course for our children’s future,” said Ryan McFarland, All Kids Bike® board member. “It’s as simple as riding a bike.”

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