David HeyenGODFREY – A call for Lewis and Clark Community College (LCCC) Board of Trustees Chair David Heyen's resignation begins a long list of action items for Tuesday's meeting of the LCCC Board of Trustees.

The location of the meeting has been changed from its usual space in Erickson Hall, near the offices of the college's top administration, to the commons area of Trimpe. A Muslim Solidarity rally will also take place at 5:30 p.m., prior to the 7 p.m. meeting. This is directly in response to anti-Muslim posts shared by Heyen on his personal Facebook page. Heyen has taken responsibility for those posts and said he was doing it to “start a conversation.” A vote for his resignation will be taken by the board Tuesday night. Board members for whom Heyen campaigned (Julie Johnson, Kevin Rust and Charles Hanfelder) have the voting majority when voting with Heyen.

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While calls for Heyen's resignation as well as the posts shared by him on his personal page have been covered across St. Louis media, even making national news with Newsweek, several other action items are also on the agenda. In a special meeting of the LCCC Board of Trustees to seat the newly-elected board members on April 30, Heyen, Johnson, Rust and Hanfelder voted to rescind administrative contracts approved at the regular April meeting of the LCCC Board of Trustees. A legal advisor for the board advised against this move, saying it would open the college to legal liability, as the contracts previously agreed upon had since been signed by both parties are were legally binding. Rust argued they were not legally binding, because they were not publicly available for a long enough time previous to the April meeting of the LCCC Board of Trustees.

New contracts for administration is one of the action items on the May agenda for the LCCC Board of Trustees. The approved contracts were one-to-three year agreements. The May agenda packet calls for Heyen as board chair to create new agreements of one-to-two years. There is also an agenda item to call for a new board attorney.

The re-approval of the contracts agreed upon before the April 30 vote to rescind them is also an action item of the meeting. In the board packet, it is stated it would provide clarity regarding employment as well as consistency, stability and security.

The call for the approval of the new, shorter contracts also held the implication of clarity, stability, security and consistency, according to the board packet. If approved, these contracts would supersede the previous, longer contracts, which many administrators find to be still legally-binding.

Other action items include several lease agreements held between the college and many other community groups. Some members of those groups told reporters from Riverbender.com they were concerned about the future of their leases with the college due to other recent actions taken by the LCCC Board of Trustees. Sources close to the college said these lease agreements are always placed on the agenda for May.

While the menagerie of lease agreements are the usual, several action items relating to changing the LCCC Board of Trustee code are not. Sources close to the college said votes like this had not taken place in several years. Included in those proposed changes are:

  • Name of the Board

  • Responsibilities of the Board

  • Officers of the Board

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    Duties of the Board

  • Board Members' Code of Conduct

  • Organizational Meeting

  • Agenda

  • Executive Session

  • Motions

  • Participation in Meetings by Teleconference

  • Board Recognition of Speakers at Board Meetings

  • Committees of the Board

  • The President

  • Emergency Action

  • Absence of the President

  • Grants, Contracts and Agreements Approval Authorization

  • Financial Reports

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