Land of Illinois is a program sponsored by Madison County CAREE for 4th grade students.  Ss. Peter and Paul School in Alton has been participating in this program since its inception 15 years ago.

Every other month for 8 months, a representative from Madison County presents a lesson about agriculture.  Students have learned why Illinois has rich soil which allows farmers to raise a variety of crops.  They were taught about the three major crops, when they are planted and harvested and the machinery used for each process.  They also learned about the different products that come from these crops.

Future lessons will explain what animals are being raised in our state and what products we get from them.  The final lesson is always on technology and how it benefits the farmers.

During each lesson, the students are able to apply what they have learned in Social Studies.  After each presentation, an activity is given that enforces what has been taught. 

Picture caption:  Ms. Marti of Madison County Caree observes Ss. Peter and Paul 4th grade students Coleman Earnest, Isabel Figueroa and Andrew Fischbeck as they apply what they’ve learned in a recent lesson.

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