Illinois State Representative Dwight Kay (R-Glen Carbon) introduced the Knockout Assault Prevention Act aimed at curbing a new form of mob action called the ‘knockout’ game.

Incidents of the knockout game have been reported throughout the nation, with occurrences in Missouri, Minnesota, New York, Pennsylvania, Washington D.C., including a fatality in New Jersey.  According to the Illinois State Crime Commission, the knockout game has resulted in serious injuries which have occurred in Chicago and other cities in Illinois.

“The ‘knockout’ game is a horrible act of violence involving teenagers and young adults who randomly target an individual and punch them in the face with the intentions of knocking them unconscious,” said Rep. Kay.  “This so-called game is not a game; it’s an act of violence and will not be tolerated in the State of Illinois which is why I introduced the Knockout Assault Prevention Act.”

The Knockout Assault Prevention Act would increase the penalty for adults or minors committing battery in the form otherwise known as the ‘knockout game’.  The penalty for committing such an act of violence would result in a Class 2 felony, a 3-7 year prison sentence.  The new Act amends the Juvenile Court Act to provide that, if the juvenile court judge finds probable cause exists to believe that a minor age 15 and up committed such a crime, then the case shall be transferred to adult criminal court.

Rep. Kay added, “Knockout violence has become more prevalent over the past year.  It is a serious threat to law abiding citizens when they shop, walk in a park or while just getting into their car. This sort of criminal behavior will not be tolerated in Illinois and I intend to do whatever is necessary to deter the knockout game.”

The legislation is House Bill 3783.

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