Couples names: Kevin & Kesthien Smith

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City: Godfrey

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Date met or started dating: August 24, 2010

Date married: October 26, 2019

What makes your relationship special? What makes our relationship special is not the aesthetic, but it is the history and adventure. It is the inspiration we give to not only pursue what you love, but fight for what may seem unbeatable. In the year 2010, two( once unfortunate) kids met on the first day of highschool, and learning more than what meets the eye fell for one another. In the time period for us where it was most advised to "have fun" and take most romantic experiences as a lesson for the future, we fearlessly deemed ourselves ready to take on the world together. We both had come from imperfect backgrounds which brought us closer. We had ever class together from 1st period to lunch, so it only seemed destined, but it wasn't just a snatch and grab. [Kesthien]"Kevin had proposed a relationship multiple times but I had rejected it due to distance and fear of going all in with only seeing one another during shared time in class, but on a random Friday bus ride home, the last kid to get on the bus was him! He had revealed he coincidentally moved a few streets over and would be getting off at the same bus stop. So he would start to walk me and my sisters home." We kept our union a secret to keep safe from the unapproved. [Kevin] "her father understandably wasn't yet told about us, but one day had been called from a friend about us meeting at the park and requested to meet me. I have never felt more fear in my life. I asked kesthien if I should go buy a tux, and she told me to show him who she knows. From there we were able to make 'us' known and since then we had given eachother our first experiences with things such as sunny beaches(florida), iced mountains (Colorado) and larger cities(california)." We had been blessed with not only eachother, but our first son back in January 2018, two hours after Kevin's birthday. We gave birth to the first grandson in our families and since then had a second son which has made our little family feel whole. We then broke another cycle purchasing our very first home, and had been since working hard to keep up the foundation we've built thus far. From the early 2010s to the present, we, with imperfection, show the results of truly working things out and having those uncomfortable conversations when needed. No matter where we end up physically, our home is within us.

Share a memory you have made together: When we had touchdown in California , a state we only dreamed of going to. We played every California inspired song because we were overjoyed that we were doing something we've never been able to do growing up, especially with our kids.

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