Alton, IL. Nearly $1 million is paid out to legislators as a bonus in the Illinois House of Representatives for serving as chairman or minority spokesman of a House committee. Republican Illinois state representative candidate Kathy Smith wants to repeal the legislative bonus.

The Illinois House currently has 48 committees of which $10,326 is paid as a bonus to legislators serving as either chairman or minority spokesman of a committee. The annual part-time salary for an Illinois legislator is $67,836 - the fifth highest paid legislature in the country.

"Illinois legislators are already paid a part-time salary of $67,836 to represent their constituents in Springfield, a $10k bonus is absurd," said Kathy Smith. "The duty of an Illinois legislator is to serve on committees and represent their constituents. As a current member of the Madison County
board, I don't expect nor do I receive a bonus for serving on a committee."

According to the News-Democrat, Illinois State Representative Dan Beiser earns a part-time salary of $67,836 and is paid a $10,326 bonus for serving as Chairman of the Transportation committee. The committee met 10 times last year, Beiser earned $1,032.60 per meeting.

"I urge the Illinois legislature to stop paying bonuses to legislators serving on committees immediately," said Kathy Smith. "Our state government owes $8.5 billion in un-paid bills, our state government should use this money to help pay off our debt. Bonuses are paid as an incentive for
exceptional work and dedication, something the taxpayers are not seeing from our leadership in Springfield."

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