This is Justin Scoggins trunk so far. He wants to fill it several times between now and December 20, the end of the collection for Riverbend Humane Society Shelter.KANE - Justin Scoggins, a Kane man with a big heart, is collecting for the Riverbend Humane Society No-Kill Animal Shelter in Jerseyville.

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“I started December 1 and I am collecting donations, food, cleaning supplies, and litter for the Jerseyville animal shelter. If you have anything to donate, please contact me and I will pick it up. I am doing the collection until December 20. Let’s see what we can get for them. I am just feeling in my heart to help somehow, so I am taking anything I can get. I am willing to meet and pick up if you have anything to donate.”

Scoggins said he thought during the Christmas season, this would be something excellent to do for the Riverbend Humane Society Shelter.

Justin’s daughter, Hannah, collected a truckload of items for the shelter instead of birthday presents a few years back. After Hannah finished her collection, Justin said he has been motivated from that time to at some point take time out to help the shelter.

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“I think COVID-19 is messing up everybody’s system and I am sure they need help with supplies,” Justin said. “Food, litter, soaps, towels, cleaning supplies, we will take all of it over to the humane society.”

“From the bottom of my heart I am giving myself to this project,” Scoggins said. “I want to collect and help animals.”

For more information, contact Scoggins at (618) 946-5785. The Riverbend Humane Society is located at 23402 Crystal Lake Road in Jerseyville.

Justin Scoggins and his daughter, Hannah, in her previous collection for the Riverbend Humane Society Shelter.

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