J.R. (John) Stanton, 19, of Greenville, a student of Kaskaskia College won First Place for the State of Illinois, as an Automotive Collision Specialist, the weekend of April 16th, in Springfield.  He had qualified to participate two weeks prior in St. Louis.  He was up against students of all ages in the field.  In June, J.R. will go to Kansas City to compete against 49 other state winners in the U.S. Nationals.

 In addition to being a knowledgeable student, J.R. is a loyal and dedicated employee of McKay NAPA Auto Parts at their Greenville location.  According to the Greenville store manager, Brad Oglesby, “J.R. is very immaculate and precise in his work at McKay NAPA, accomplishing every task that is requested of him.”  “He takes very good care of our customers, trying to professionally solve all of their parts needs.”

Jim McKay, President and CEO of McKay NAPA Auto Parts, which is headquartered in Litchfield, IL, mentioned that “J.R. is one of the brightest young men who have ever come to work for us.  I am sure he has a successful future ahead of him.”  “I just received a letter from a customer praising J.R. on his assistance in the store.”  Mr. McKay added that “if there is anyway that NAPA can assist J.R. in his trip to Kansas City, NAPA will be more than happy to.”

The winner of the U.S. Nationals in June will travel on to China to compete for the World Record.

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