JERSEY COUNTY - Jersey County State's Attorney Ben Goetten joined colleagues in the suit filed against the Pre-Trial Fairness Act and on Thursday he issued a statement about a judge's verdict.
Circuit Judge Thomas Cunningham, chief judge of the 21st Judicial Circuit, issued a ruling in the case of Rowe, et al., v Pritzker, et al, on Wednesday in favor of the plaintiffs and held the Pre-Trial Fairness Act, specifically the bail reform and pretrial release provisions, "unconstitutional."
"I think I can speak for all my colleagues who joined the suit in Kankakee in saying that we feel a level of vindication that a member of the judiciary sees this Act for what it was and did the right thing in ruling it unconstitutional," Goetten said. "While the trailer bill recently passed by the legislature was a shift in the right direction, it in no way cured the issues that will most impact public safety."
Goetten said as prosecutors he and the others are sworn to uphold the Constitution, and the decision rendered by Judge Cunnington confirms that pledge by striking down the legislature's attempt to circumvent those Constitutional protections that they all share.
"We will continue to fight for the rights of victims and challenge any legislative action that puts law abiding citizens at risk," he added.