ELSAH - Area boys track teams had good opening performances as the season got underway on Saturday at the Knights Indoor Invitational meet, hosted by Triad and held Friday afternoon and evening at Principia College in Elsah.

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Several area schools competed in the meet and serves as the lid-lifter for the new season before the major outdoor meets begin in March.

In the 60-meter dash, the winner was Nathan Hippard of Mascoutah, who had a time of 6.98 seconds, with Sam Elliott-Barnes of Alton second at 7.16 seconds and East St. Louis' Malachi Wren fifth at 7.25 seconds. in the 60-meter hurdles, the winner was Demarlynn Taylor of the Flyers, who came in at 6.45 seconds, while Simon McClain of the Redbirds was third at 8.78 seconds, and Jersey's Adam Kribs came in sixth at 10.18 seconds.

Hippard also won the 200 meters with a time of 23.10 seconds, while Casey Borkowski of Jersey was fourth at 24.17 seconds, Granite City's Shawn Rodgers came in seventh at 24.50 seconds and Triad's Cory Warren was eighth at 24.51 seconds. Other results of the race saw Wren have a time of 24.73 seconds, Jared Ury of Maryville Christian coming in at 25.84 seconds, East Alton-Wood River's Kirk Lane was in at 26.14 seconds, the Redbirds' Jeremiah Blakely was in at 26.32 seconds and Troy Johnson of Collinsville had a time of 26.38 seconds.

Quenten Stepney of the Flyers won the 400 meters with a time of 53.40 seconds, while Jeremiah Yarborough of the Kahoks was second at 55.59 seconds, teammate Juan Doria was fourth at 57.14 seconds, Roderick Singleton of Alton came in sixth at 57.67 seconds, Gregory Lawary of East Side was eighth with a time of 58.53 seconds and the Warriors' Trenton Clutts was 10th at 59.44. In other area results, Myles Silva of the Eagles came in at 1:00.34, Braden Wakeley of Highland had a time of 1:01.19, Adrian Gares of CM was in at 1:01.47, the Redbirds' Jacolbi West had a time of 1:01.91, Connor Martens of Triad's time was 1:02.17, Braden Nash of Marquette Catholic was home at 1:02.34, Jason Gould of the Oilers was in at 1:04.38, Highland's Max Walker was right behind at 1:04.97, Logan Cason of the Knights had a time of 1:12.44, Joseph Smith of Staunton was home at 1:16.48 and teammate Anthony Sansone was in at 1:18.89.

Collinsville's Trey Peterson won the 800 meters with a time of 2:01.94, with Alton's Christian Kotzamanis placing fourth at 2:07.34 and Wakeley coming in 10th at 2:15.64. Other area results saw Graham McAfoos of the Redbirds in at 2:15.90, Granite's Daniel Wilson have a time of 2:16.61, William Slaznik of the Kahoks was in at 2:20.14, teammate James Kline was right behind at 2:20.45, Ethan Schmidt of the Knights' time was 2:21.70, Daniel Kline of the Explorers had a time of 2:22.68, Joshua Cranford of the Eagles came home at 2:29.30, teammate Mason Walker was right behind at 2:30.35, EAWR's Logan Wilcutt had a time of 2:31.52, it was Granite City's Cleison Miranda having a time of 2:31.79, Marquette's Braden Nash was home at 2:32.63, Highland's Jack Grotefendt was home at 2:32.67, Dylan Frutiger of the Knights had a time of 2:33.36, Isaiah Simpson-Kolmer of the Oilers was in at 2:33.71, Dain Volentine of Staunton came home at 2:35.13, Kernon Taylor of East Side had a time of 2:37.47, Josh Kosmopolis of Triad was in at 2:40.70, Garin Schleeper of Jersey's time was 2:42.82, teammate Drake Wilson had a time of 2:54.08, Staunton's Ethan Tew was in at 2:55.87 and teammate Broc Best's time was 2:57.21.

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In the 1,600 meters, the winner was Jackson Collman of Civic Memorial, who had a time of 4:41.47, while teammate D.J. Dutton was second at 4:46.59, Triad's Andrew Pace was fourth at 4:48.30, Peterson came in fifth at 4:48.77 and the Eagles' Lucas Naugle was sixth at 4:48.90. In other results, Drew Twyman of the Knights had a time of 4:53.32, Aiden Loeffleman of the Oilers was home at 5:01.69, Noah Gallivan of Alton had a time of 5:12.34, Triad's Jacob Metcalf was in at 5:13.67, Highland's Avery Brock had a time of 5:16.95, Collinsville's Brian Castro was home at 5:17.53, Christian Knobloch of Highland had a time of 5:21.41, Cortez Sanders of East Side's time was 5:26.29, the Kahoks' Ben Simpkins was home at 5:27.03, Logan Wade of Jersey was in at 5:30.16, Nicholas Monahan of Staunton had a time of 5:31.06, Cain Villoff of the Redbirds was in at 5:33.62, Troy Albertina of Staunton came in at 5:36.26, Highland's Adin Roach was home at 5:38.10, Josh Martin of the Warriors came home at 5:39.35, EAWR's Evan Baker had a time of 5:42.85, Kris Turnbaugh of Jersey was right behind at 5:45.24, Devontae Ellard of the Flyers was in at 5:47.37 and Alton's Isaiah Ouechani had a time of 5:49.46.

Ethan Hogan won the 3,200 meters with a time of 9:13.31, while Dallas Mancinas of Highland was second at 10:19.93, Andrew Gonski of Collinsville came in third with a time of 10:28.64, Highland's Ethan Smith was fourth at 10:32.05, Sam Kuckuck of the host Knights was seventh at 11:10.33 and Joshua Crawford of Civic Memorial was ninth with a time of 11:18.97. In other results, The Eagles' Landon Kearby was in at 11:33.29 and another CM runner, Kent Scottberg, had a time of 12:08.86.

In the relay races, East St. Louis won the 4x200 meters at 1:34.44, with Jersey coming in fourth at 1:38.38 and Alton came in fifth at 1:38.70. Collinsville had a time of 1:42.73, Triad was in at 1:43.63, Highland had a time of 1:44.59, with Granite right behind at 1:44.59, Civic Memorial was in at 1:45.17, Staunton had a time of 1:45.20 and East Alton-Wood River was in at 2:01.95. In the 4x400 meters, the winners were the Flyers, who had a time of 3:29.67, with Alton third at 3:39.86, Collinsville was seventh at 3:51.15 and Highland came in 10th at 3:52.72. In other results, Staunton had a time of 4:03.13, Triad was in at 4:03.37, the Eagles' time was 4:09.12 and the Warriors were in at 4:22.32. In the 4x800 meters, CM won with a time of 8:31.48, with East Side coming in third at 8:47.11, the Redbirds were fifth at 8:57.73, the Knights came in sixth at 8:58.72 and the Oilers were 10th at 9:40.13. Staunton had a time of 10:39.22.

In the field events, Mason Kooi of Springfield Lutheran won the high jump, going over at 2.03 meters (6' 7.75"), with Collinsville's K.J. Thorps-Watt in second at 1.83 meters (six feet even), Antonio Dean of Granite City, Brayden Trello of Rochester and Dylan Burch of Jersey all tied for sixth at 1.72 meters (5' 7.75"), with Dean coming in sixth, Trello seventh and Burch eighth on the basis of fewer misses by Dean and both Isaiah Ford of Granite City and Breven Hard of Triad part of a six-way tie for ninth at 1.68 meters (five feet, six inches), with Ford taking ninth on the fewer misses rule. Also, both Tullio Zampieri of CM and Tyrus Morning of East Side both go over at 1.62 meters (5' 3.75").

Rochester's Evan Alexander won the pole vault, going over at 14 feet, three inches to win, while Triad's Parker Friederich and Staunton's Michael Matesa ended up in a three-way tie for third, wth both going clearing 11 feet, six inches, with Friederich coming in fourth on the fewer misses rule and Jersey's Brendan Schultz clearing 11 feet even to tie for sixth, with Schultz claiming the sixth spot on fewer misses. Johnny Vercoglio of Staunton was ninth at 10 feet, six inches and Triad's Ryon Lafontaine cleared nine feet six inches.

Sean Thornton of Salem won the long jump with a distance of 6.12 meters, while Jason Randoll of Triad came in fourth at 5.93 meters, Jack Nimmo of Highland was sixth at 5.83 meters and Ian Dempsey of Triad was seventh at 5.79 meters. Other results saw Logan Webb of Granite City go 5.54 meters, East Side's Shamond McClain jump 5.53 meters, Landon Jones of Jersey went 5.40 meters, Dylan Brown of Collinsville had a distance of 5.16 meters, Jordan Teems of CM went 5.04 meters, Adam Kribs of Jersey had a distance of 4.98 meters, Anthony Jackson of the Flyers leaped 4.81 meters, Andrew Klaas of CM had a jump of 4.76 meters, Amari Rodgers-Parrot of Granite City went 4.66 meters, Blakely had a distance of 4.60 meters, Nash's distance was 4.57 meters and Brody Hill of Staunton jumped 4.30 meters.

Thorps-Watt won the triple jump, going 13.35 meters, with Shamond McClain coming in fifth at 11.90 meters, Alton's William Harris was seventh at 11.51 meters and Triad teammates Trent Harmon and Damon Willis tied for ninth, both going 11.35 meters, Harmon placing ninth on a tiebreak. Webb had a leap of 11.26 meters, Cole Parsons of Highland went 10.92 meters, while teammate Logan Mollet had a jump of 10.25 meters, Klaas had a jump of 9.56 meters, while CM teammate Hunter Walters went 9.45 meters and Collinsville's Jarrett Mosby had a distance of 9.42 meters.

In the shot put, Salem's Caleb Smith won with a distance of 17.54 meters, with the Kahoks' Jonathan Sewell second at 14.92 meters, teammate Devin Habermehl was fourth at 13.74 meters and Zach Van Tieghem was sixth with a toss of 13.15 meters. Other results had the Knights' Jackson Drake having a throw of 12.23 meters, Sean Steinacher of Jersey came in with a toss of 11.89 meters, Collinsville's Thomas Kohler had a throw of 11.88 meters, Jaylun Nelson of Triad came up with a distance of 11.71 meters, Lymar Davis of East Side and Kaden Hearn of Collinsville both had a throw of 11.56 meters, Reed Buchanan of Triad tossed 11.10 meters, teammate Nate Engler had a toss of 11.07 meters, Civic Memorial's Josh Hodge threw 10.95 meters, while Teems had a toss of 10.70 meters, Justin Franklin of EAWR came up with a distance of 10.39 meters, Lumetric Rose of the Flyers had a throw of 10.30 meters, Alton's Jordan Womack was right behind at 10.29 meters, Demarco Clark of Granite threw 9.80 meters, teammate Broc Roders had a toss of 9.82 meters, Staunton's Tommy Campbell came up with a throw of 9.20 meters, Alton's Marion Poindexter had a distance of 9.10 meters, the Panthers' Walker Reynolds had a throw of 9.03 meters, Staunton's Jordan Snider came up with a toss of 8.94 meters, Highland's Liam Kobbeman threw a distance of 8.86 meters and Michael Barnes of Staunton came up with a throw of 5.58 meters.

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