When choosing the company name, hoping you’re lucky enough that it catches people’s attention and keeps you top-of-mind is all important. With a name like Studio Sixpence, the company implies a level of luckiness as soon as you say the name.
You see, a sixpence coin was once a form of currency in many countries but is now a symbol of luck that many new brides sew into their wedding dresses to help ensure their marriage is full of luck, and love. Studio Sixpence’s owner is implementing the same strategy as the firm works with its clients – hoping each one is lucky in their career, business, and organizational growth and their customers love what they do. The firm is also bringing luck, and a bit of love even, to several charitable groups as well.

Studio Sixpence is a River Bend-based image management firm specializing in strategy and implementation of publicity and marketing programs that grow and sustain your career, your business, your organization – with a twist. The firm is dedicated to being part of the social entrepreneur network by pledging 10 percent of its revenues each year to help out worthy charitable organizations in advancing their mission and cause. Being a social entrepreneur is an important part of this firm’s vision, because charity has always been at the heart of the firm’s leader.
Owner Melissa Crockett has been in the marketing and publicity industry for over 20 years and has worked with many local and regional clients throughout the years. Her former marketing firm known as Mustain Consulting included local and regional clients such as Alton Memorial Hospital, St. Louis Regional Airport, Suncon Inc., Grafton Technologies, LPL Financial, AgriSolutions, and Jerseyville Public Library.

Crockett most recently spent the last three years as Jacoby Arts Center’s executive director. She recently left her position at the arts center to jump back into the marketing industry and fill a void that she recognized through her years as Jacoby’s director as well as through her service on the boards of directors at Alton Main Street Inc. and Alton Area Business Development Association.
“Connecting business, the arts, and community organizations in a consistent manner that results in a win-win-win for everyone is what provoked me to jump back into the industry. At Studio Sixpence we are connecting businesses, artists, organizations, and individuals to their customers in ways never before available in the River Bend region,” explained Crockett.

Publicity, marketing, and support services offered by Studio Sixpence include, but are not necessarily limited to:

  • Branding & Image Management
  • Professional Representation & Placement Services
  • Bookings & Contract Negotiations
  • Photography & Graphic Design Services
  • Copywriting & Typesetting
  • Coordination of Event Promotions
  • Media Contact Coordination
  • Preparation & Distribution of Press Releases and Articles
  • Development & Preparation of Media Kits, including Fact Sheets and Background Releases
  • Development & Preparation of Brochures, Fliers, and Other Publicity Materials
  • PowerPoint Presentation Preparation
  • Preparation of Advertising Copy
  • Newsletter Development and Preparation
  • Preparation of Organizational Profiles and Histories
  • Preparation of Annual Reports, Booklets, & Directories
  • General Business Correspondence
  • On-Site Exhibition Management
  • Studio Scheduling
  • Accounts Payable & Receivable
  • Grant Writing
  • Customized Weekly Summaries of All Relevant News

Studio Sixpence is looking for clients from all areas: artists, small to mid-size business, organizations, and individuals can all benefit from what the firm has to offer. The firm’s services are offered at very reasonable rates and with much flexibility, and are designed to help to bring industry success to their clients while also positioning them positively in their field. Customized services are available as well. The firm works in collaboration with a network of local and regional graphic artists, web designers, and printers who are also ready to meet the client’s advanced project needs.
For more information about Studio Sixpence, visit their website at www.studiosixpence.com or contact owner Melissa Crockett at studiosixpence@gmail.com, 618-946-3588.

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