CHICAGO – Final enrollment numbers for the ACA Health Insurance Marketplace show that more than 54-thousand Illinoisans purchased health plans during the Special Enrollment Period in response to COVID-19. It’s more than double the number of Illinoisans enrolled in plans during the same six-month period in previous years.

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The SEP ran from February 15 through August 15, 2021, after President Biden signed an executive order to open the federal marketplace. During that same time period, the number of new plan selections in Illinois was 54,432 compared to 25,272 in 2020 and 22,958 in 2019.*

“Over 54,000 Illinoisans now have one less thing to worry about: what will happen to them if they need medical care,” said Governor JB Pritzker. “This record-breaking enrollment is a testament to the need for accessible, affordable healthcare – and my administration will continue to pursue a whole-health approach to giving Illinoisans the tools they need to live their best lives. I want to thank the White House for recognizing the need for another special enrollment period and reiterate my administration’s commitment to seizing opportunities to expand healthcare as widely as possible.”

“The number of Illinoisans who enrolled during this Special Enrollment Period shows us that people are taking advantage of the opportunity to purchase affordable health insurance coverage provided through the ACA Marketplace,” said IDOI Acting Director Dana Popish Severinghaus. “They were also able to save more money on monthly premiums, thanks to the American Rescue Plan.”

According to the federal CMS data, 181,823 Illinois consumers who enrolled in a new plan or updated their existing ACA Marketplace plan during the SEP saw a 40 percent reduction in their average monthly premiums due to enhanced tax credits (APTCs) provided by the American Rescue Plan.

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“Illinois consumers with an existing or updated ACA Marketplace plan saved an average of $77 per month on premiums,” said Laura Pellikan, Executive Director of Get Covered Illinois. “We’re looking forward to even more people getting covered during the Open Enrollment period starting in November.”

Until then, consumers experiencing certain life changes such as getting married, having a baby, or losing job-based coverage may qualify for a Qualifying Life Event Special Enrollment Period.

Get Covered Illinois (GCI), a division of the Illinois Department of Insurance, is the official health marketplace or “exchange” for Illinois consumers to purchase quality, affordable health insurance, facilitated by the federal government through the ACA Marketplace.

For more information about ACA Marketplace health plans, visit:

*Illinois consumers purchasing and enrolling in new health plans who did not have an active ACA Marketplace plan as of February 14, 2021, and selected a plan on or after February 15, 2021, that is still active, as of the end of the reporting period.

2021 Final Marketplace Special Enrollment Period Report | CMS

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