Dr. Michael Harbison, founder of the iCAN Clinic, has leveraged his experience as an injured veteran in Iraq to create an opioid-free pain management system that is helping patients in Illinois.

EDWARDSVILLE - iCAN Clinic is revolutionizing the way they treat patients dealing with chronic pain issues. By not using opioids and instead helping patients to address the root cause of their pain, their 40-point functional medical exam is changing patient management and outcomes.

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Dr. Michael Harbison was once a patient who was treated with extensive opioid prescriptions after he was injured in Iraq while in the military.

“I first injured my back in Iraq and then reinjured it at Special Forces Assessment and Selection which led to my medical retirement from the military. Back in the early 2000s, the main treatment for pain was opioids. Every doctor was prescribing opioids, which was standard practice at that time. For me, that meant addiction to these medicines which subsequently caused severe liver complications,” Dr. Harbison said.

Dr. Michael Harbison eventually leveraged his own experience to create a clinic where a new concept of pain management is currently being practiced.

“Whenever a patient walks into iCAN Clinic experiencing some kind of pain, our mission is to find and address the underlying cause of the pain in an opioid-free way,” Dr. Harbison stated. “Our team of medical professionals evaluates the entire musculoskeletal system of the patient.”

Each patient goes through an extensive 40+ point functional medical exam aimed at evaluating the entire musculoskeletal system to find all the dysfunctions that are causing pain.

“We’re not just disrupting the way these ailments are treated, we’re also disrupting the way they are diagnosed,” iCAN’s founder said.

The clinic has been reportedly changing pain management in Illinois by successfully eliminating patient pain with no opioids and effectively correcting their dysfunction and regenerating joints. iCAN Clinic is equipped with state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment, as well as rehab equipment. A team of chiropractors, nurse practitioners, and medical doctors trained to execute a fully integrated way of treating the patient’s whole body, regardless of age, works every day to return each patient’s body to a healthy balance.

“As someone who has experienced chronic pain, pain-management-related opioid addiction, and the consequences of this type of treatment, I’ve found a way to live pain-free without the typical prescription and over-the-counter pills, and so have our patients,” Dr. Harbison said.

Dr. Michael Harbison can be contacted at ican@icanclinic.org. The iCAN Clinic website can be found at www.icanclinic.org.

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