WOOD RIVER - Marquette Catholic's Sammy Hentrich won the 200 meters and finished second in the girls' long jump, while East Alton-Wood River's Aiden Loeffelman won both the boys' 1,600 and 3,200 and Gina Truax won both girls' hurdles races as area athletes performed well at the EAWR Invitational track meet held Saturday at EAWR Memorial Stadium.

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Trenton Wesclin won the boys meet with 99 points, with the Oilers coming in second with 79 points, Madison was third with 70 points, edging out fourth place Freeburg, who had 69 points, Staunton came in fifth with 58 points, East St. Louis SIUE Charter was sixth with 56 points, Breese Mater Dei Catholic was seventh with 46 points, in eighth place was Carrollton with 44 points, ninth place went to Maryville Christian with 42 points and Waterloo Gibault Catholic rounded out the top ten with 27 points.

Nokomis was 11th with 22 points, the Explorers were 12th at 19 points O'Fallon First Baptist Academy was 13th with 17 points and Lebanon came in 14th with a single point.

On the girls' side, Marquette won with 98 points, with the Oilers second at 90 points, Freeburg was third with 86 points, in fourth place was Mater Dei at 68 points, fifth place went to Wesclin with 64 points, finishing in sixth place was Staunton with 49 points, in seventh place was Carrollton with 47 points, Nokomis was eighth with 37 points, Madison came in ninth with 28 points and First Baptist rounded out the top ten with 23 points.

Maryville was 11th with 19 points, Lebanon came in 12th at 13 points, Gibault was 13th at nine points and SIUE Charter was 14th with six points.

In the boys' meet, the Cougars' Charles Shaw won the 100 meters at 11.18 seconds, with Kai King of the Lions second at 11.72 seconds and teammate Gabe Malone was fifth at 11.99 seconds. Justin Fears of the Explorers had a time of 12.33 seconds, while the Oilers' Travis Skinner was right behind at 12.37 seconds, Cody Kapp of the Bulldogs was in at 12.47 seconds, Terrell Ray of SIUE Charter also was in at 12.47 seconds, Marquette's Braden Nash was home at 13.23 seconds and Staunton's Zach Mathis had a time of 13.56 seconds.

In the 200 meters, the winner was Shaw with a time of 22.88 seconds, with teammate Justin Spiller second at 23.80 seconds, Kai King was third with a time of 23,85 seconds, Trace Trettenero of Staunton was fifth at 23.91 seconds and teammate Nathan Oller was sixth at 24.14 seconds. Kirk Lane of EAWR was in at 24.91 seconds, Maryville's Cade King's time was 25.81 seconds and Nash had a time of 26.37 seconds. In the 400 meters, Madison's Alex Kennedy won with a time of 52.03 seconds, with Shaw finishing third at 53.82 seconds, Jared Ury of the Lions was fourth at 54.79 seconds, Oller came in fifth at 54.83 seconds and Nash was sixth at 57.12 seconds. Jason Gould of the Oilers was in at 1:01.23, while Trevor Myers of the Bulldogs was home at 1:10.37 and Gage Shaw of Carrollton had a time of 1:12.97.

Mater Dei's Jonathan Holthaus won the 800 meters with a time of 2:06.84, with Daniel Kline of Marquette third at 2:16.25, EAWR's Logan Wilcutt was fourth at 2:21.67, teammate Isaiah Simpson-Kolmer was fifth at 2:22.15 and DaShion Anthony of the Cougars was eighth at 2:36.70. Staunton's Ethan Tew was in at 2:40.31, teammate Broc Best had a time of 2:43.20 and the Hawks' Liam Albrecth had a time of 2:51.56.

In the 1,600 meters, Loeffelman won with a time of 4:54.16, while Noah Jacob of Maryville was second at 4:57.83 and teammate James Gillihan was fourth at 5:06.38. Nicholas Monahan of Staunton had a time of 5:33.11, with Kline coming in at 5:38.00, Troy Albertina of the Bulldogs had a time of 5:38.80, Evan Baker of the Oilers was in at 5:41.86. Carrollton's John Vandersand had a time of 6:06.55, Albrecht was in at 6:17.26 and Anthony had a time of 6:46.27. Loeffelman also won the 3,200 meters, having a time of 10:19.97, with Monahah fourth at 11:39.27, Baker seventh at 12:16.94 and Vandersand eighth at 12:27.78.

In the hurdles races, Jamie Hendrix of the Warriors won the 110 meters with a time of 16.45 seconds, with Thomas Ogata of the Bulldogs sixth at 21.31 seconds. In the 300 meters, Hendrix also won with a time of 43.14 seconds, while Spiller was second at 46.81 seconds, Ogata was third at 48.62 seconds and Albrecht came in sixth at 55.78 seconds.

In the relay races, the 4x100 meters was won by Madison at 44.31 seconds, with SIUE Charter second at 46.79 seconds, EAWR came in third at 47.20 seconds, Staunton was fourth at 47.69 seconds and Carrollton was ninth at 54.38 seconds. In the 4x200 meter race, the Trojans won with a time of 1:35.03, with Staunton second at 1:38.32, EAWR third at 1:39.34 and SIUE Charter fourth at 1:42.96.

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The Warriors won the 4x400 meters with a time of 3:46.49, with the Oilers third at 4:00.55 and the Bulldogs fourth at 4:02.70. In the 4x800 meters, EAWR won at 9:22.76, with Staunton finishing sixth at 10:52.02.

In the field events, Matt Pluff of the Midgets won, going over at 1.82 meters, with Ryan Burch of the Oilers and Ogata tying for fourth at 1.62 meters, Burch taking fourth on the fewest misses rule, and Christian Haas of the Bulldogs coming in seventh, clearing 1.47 meters. In the long jump, Cole Gruenke of Wesclin won with a jump of 5.71 meters, with Burch finishing sixth at 4.89 meters. Nash went 4.49 meters and Carrollton's Grant Cox had a jump of 4.48 meters. Zander Kapp of Wesclin took the triple jump, going 11.81 meters, while Haas had a leap of 9.14 meters.

The Hawks went one-two in the shot put, with Matt Beermann winning with a throw of 12.63 meters and teammate Willie Gilmore right behind at 12,43 meters. Marquette's Jack Beaber was third at 12.17 meters, EAWR's Justin Franklin came in fourth at 11,78 meters, Maryville's Josh Colley was sixth with a toss of 11.34 meters and the Oilers' Jamair Nunn was eighth at 10.55 meters. Jordan Snider of Staunton had a throw of 10.33 meters, SIUE Charter's Dorian Akins came up with a throw of 9.86 meters and Staunton's Tommy Campbell had a toss of 9.52 meters.

In the discus throw, Beermann and Gilmore went one-two once again, with Beermann winning at 39.80 meters, Gilmore second at 37.65 meters, Nunn came in third at 34.47 meters, in fourth place was Snider at 32.70 meters, Beaber came in fifth with a toss of 31.83 meters and Colley came in sixth at 31.33 meters. Jimmy Gilmore of SIUE Charter had a toss of 27.27 meters, Campbell came up with a toss of 22.64 meters, Akins had a throw of 21.17 meters and Richard Seitzinger of EAWR had a toss of 20.59 meters.

Over in the girls' meet, the 100 meters was won by EAWR's Jessica Brown at 13.35 seconds, with Calie Field of Carrolton second at 13.50 seconds, Hentrich coming in third at 13.57 seconds, Lily Trettenero of Staunton came in fourth at 13.82 seconds and the Explorers' Grace Sechrest was sixth at 14.26 seconds. Taylor Minner of the Oilers came in at 14.59 seconds, Hannah Daugherty of Staunton had a time of 15.17 seconds and SIUE Charter's Maryia McDougal was in at 17.08 seconds. Hentrich won the 200 meters with a time of 27.88 seconds, with Brown taking third at 26.79 seconds, Trettenero was fifth at 29.42 seconds and Abby Flowers of the Hawks was sixth at 29.56 seconds. T'niyah Black of the Cougars had a time of 30.54 seconds, Daugherty came in at 31.09 seconds, the Explorers' Caroline Rae came in at 32.04 seconds, Field had a time of 33.27 seconds and McDougal was in at 34.55 seconds.

Jazmyn Harmon of Freeburg won the 400 meters with a time of 1:32.14, with Cassidy Eccles of the Explorers was seventh at 1:18.04. In the 800 meters, Isabella Hacker of the Knights won the 800 meters, coming in at 2:42.53, with Mia Donald of the Lions came in third at 2:55,03, Sarah Wright of the Bulldogs came in fourth at 3:04.86, Maryville's Isabel Jacob was sixth at 3:06,81 and Isabel Downey of the Explorers was eighth at 3:16.76. Savannah Buerke of the Hawks had a time of 4:48.91.

Alexis Kampwerth of Mater Dei won the 1,600 meters at 5:42.68, with Katie Johnson of Marquette placing second at 6:32.52, third place went to Donald at 6:38.86, in fourth place was Staunton's Lexi Pfeiffer at 6:46.32, Jacob came in fifth with a time of 6:54.40 and Mallory Lucykow of Staunton was sixth at 7:00.74. Hacker also won the 3,200 meters with a time of 12:39.38, with Marquette's Paige Rister second at 14:02.19, Cheyenne Butcher of Staunton came in sixth at 17:02.22 and teammate Elsah Clark was seventh at 17:19.06.

In the hurdles races, two runners from the Oilers, Gina Truax and Mary Nguyen, finished one-two, with Truax coming in at 17.39 seconds and Nguyen having a time of 20.85 seconds. Harper Darr of Carrollton was fourth at 21.15 seconds, Jada Parker of the Cougars was seventh at 22.28 seconds and the Hawks' Maddi Brannan was eighth at 23.68 seconds. Truax also won the 300 meters with a time of 51.55 seconds, with Hentrich second at 54.65 seconds and Parker was fourth at 1:02.65.

In the relay races, Madison won the 4x100 meters with a time of 52.47 seconds, with EAWR fourth at 55.19 seconds, Carrollton was fifth at 58.01 seconds and Marquette came in sixth at 59.58 seconds. The Trojans also won the 4x200 meters with a time of 1:55.51, with the Bulldogs coming in third at 2:02.11, the Oilers came in fourth at 2:02.47 and the Explorers were fifth at 2:05.26. Mater Dei took the 4x400 meters with a time of 4:39.15, with Staunton coming in third at 5:05.98, Marquette took fourth at 5:08.98, EAWR was fifth at 5:16.86 and Carrollton was seventh at 6:50.32. In the 4x800 meters, the Explorers won with a time of 12:19.70, with the Bulldogs second at 12:19.96, the Oilers came in fourth at 15:44.39 and the Hawks were fifth at 15:53.73.

The field events started off with a win by Sechrest in the high jump, clearing 1.47 meters, while Grace Trentman of Freeburg took the long jump, going 4.87 meters, while Hentrich placed second at 4.82 meters, Sechrest was third at 4.55 meters and Field was fifth at 4.41 meters. Darr had a jump of 3.90 meters, Over in the triple jump, the winner was Harmon, who went 10.26 meters, with Sechrest coming in third at 9.38 meters and Darr was sixth at 8.09 meters.

In the shot put, Anna Flowers of Carrollton won the event with a throw of 9.49 meters, with Milla Legette of the Oilers was second, throwing 9.24 meters, with teammate Kennedi Suttles third at 8.40 meters. Buerke came up with a throw of 6.61 meters, while Alecia McCulley of Marquette had a toss of 6.47 meters, Jaquialah Hardiman of SIUE Charter had a throw of 5.52 meters and teammate Kiara Williams had a toss of 4.39 meters. The discus throw was won by Legette at 28,22 meters, with Suttles coming in sixth at 17.52 meters and Tessa Price of Carrollton was seventh at 17.24 meters. Teammate Mya Albrecht had a throw of 16.53 meters, McCulley had a throw of 15.59 meters, Black came up with a throw of 14.76 meters and Hardiman had a distance of 12.48 meters.

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