Local Alton area native, Tim Maupin, has launched a Kickstarter to help fund his latest short film. The film is a science fiction piece with an interesting twist. 


Set in the future when science first begins to stop aging, a daughter tries to save her father from natural death


The story takes place roughly 30 years in the future at the moment when science has first figured out how to stop aging through genetics. It is framed around the gulf between generations that would occur with the first release of this technology. A daughter who works for a company called Aperion Life- the first to bring this new technology to the public- wants to save her aging father. She starts him on the trials but he soon stops coming. The film continues with the conflict rising between them as she wants him to live on with her while he feels a natural ending is more human.

“Technology is moving very fast and I think now is the perfect time to start the discussion of what all of these changes mean to us as humans and I think a film is the perfect way to do that”, Maupin said.

The promotional video is certainly worth a watch and features a moving faux commercial that offers its future clientele to “have more time” in a variety of different scenarios. Take a look at the video and consider contributing to their Kickstarter to help a local native make this worthy film project and pursue a dream.

Consider donating here http://kck.st/1dCOfsB to help Tim make his film.


Tim is a Chicago based filmmaker, originally from the St. Louis area. He has a BA in Film Production and has also taught as an adjunct professor at Webster University. He has worked as a DP, camera operator, visual effects artist and stereographer and has a good deal and variety of professional experience behind him, including shooting for Discovery, TLC, 3NET and Nickelodeon. He has also directed 6 short films that have played in a variety of festivals including IndieMemphis, Atlanta Shortfest, The 3D Film Festival (alongside Sundance) and the St. Louis Filmmakers Showcase and has won awards for best dramatic short film, cinematography, and visual effects. Here he is seen pondering the nature of existence... or perhaps simply where to put the camera. 


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