The debut young adult fantasy novel, Havoc, from E.G. Keith, an 11-year-old from Lincoln, IL..LINCOLN, IL – A twisted tale of romance, action, and amnesia, all to save the Kingdom and Prince from sure peril. Witty comebacks, well-placed puns, and an evil way of thinking abound in this debut novel.

All from the mind of an 11-year-old local new author, already drawing high praise from accomplished writers with many tales told.

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E.G. Keith is no stranger to fantasy fiction, as evidenced by the stacks of books at home and an obsession with Greek mythology. Now she has turned her passion into her debut novel, Havoc, a young-adult fantasy fiction written far beyond its years.

“I have never really found one (fantasy novel) written so well by someone so young. I’m really kind of amazed,” central Illinois author John Jamison says ahead of the release of Havoc.

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Havoc tells the story of the Prince of Buit, missing for a year before teens in two summer camps with magical powers – known as Magics – set out to save him. One, Ashlyn Kave, was saved by the Prince before and wants to repay the favor. Elysian Viggo has amnesia and has no memory of the Prince, but feels compelled to help anyway.

They join with friends and other alliances on a dangerous mission, aiming to overcome their bitter past and get to the prince before it’s too late. Will they succeed, or fail and wreak havoc across the kingdom in dooming the ones they love?

E.G. Keith says the book is written for anyone interested in young-adult and teen fiction who is open-minded, willing to embrace diversity in storytelling, and who enjoys smaller plot lines that merge together into one compelling read.

“Some of the elements of Havoc are inspired by favorite book series, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, but it is not directly based on Greek mythology,” Keith says. “I like making people laugh and telling stories that bring you in and make you want to turn to the next page. I am proud of Havoc and look forward to hearing how others enjoy it.”

Havoc is being distributed via and at It is available for purchase in stores and online in March 2022.

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